5 Reasons to Start Your Hat Knitting Now!

Hat knitting is my favorite kind of knitting. Hats and sweaters are the two main projects I’m always adding to my queue. Even though it is hard to wear hats in the heat (though everyone at the Interweave offices knows I try), they are the perfect project for these warm summer days. We have some fantastic hat patterns (and kits!) in the store right now. Read on to discover five reasons why you need to start knitting your hats today!

5. Your lap will be grateful.

I love getting cozy on my couch on a cold day with my big knitting project draped over my lap. I put on some warm knitted socks, and tuck as much of my feet and legs under that knitting as I possibly can, and it is the most cozy and heart-warming experience there is. That’s not true in summer.  Because of the heat, I can barely stand to wear pants in summer. Therefore, I need a knitting project that I can work on and keep far far away from my body. Hat knitting suits that need perfectly. There is no better project to work on in the heat of the summer. Pick hats to knit this August and your lap will be grateful!

4. You can take it with you anywhere.

I’m never at home on my couch in the summer time. I’m meeting up with friends to enjoy restaurant patios or off to enjoy a picnic in the park.  I have a lot of fun, but it also seriously cuts into my knitting time. Hat knitting is perfect to pull out of your bag and work a round or two while you’re waiting for friends or enjoying a cold summer cocktail. You have to make the most of every moment you can knit! I fit my hat knitting project in my backpack while hiking Mount Belford over the weekend! Hat knitting is perfect while enjoying the views at 14,000 feet!

knitscene design knitting on top of a colorado 14er

Working on my hat design for Summer 2017 on my hike to the top of Mount Belford!

3. It fits easily in a travel bag.

I don’t want to take up space with the the half-made sweater I’m working on when I’m packing up for an end-of-summer road trip. Hat knitting can fit into the corner of your bag and leave more space to pack all that sunscreen you’ll be needing!

Hat Knitting Pattern     Leaf & Seed Hat Lana Jois     maya hat and mittens set from Knitscene Fall 2016
Nakai Peak Hat, Leaf & Seed Hat, and the Maya Hat and Mittens Set

2. There are some incredible hat knitting patterns in our Fall issues (out now)!

I can never have too many hats, and our Fall Issues feature some fantastic ones! I truly can’t wait to try the Nakai Peak Hat designed by Josie Mercier featured in our 20th Anniversary issue of Interweave Knits! It is slouchy and cabled and made with some fantastic Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport Yarn, so it is pretty much perfect (the kit for this hat is coming to the Interweave Store soon!). The Leaf & Seed Hat from Love of Knitting combines a leaf motif and seed stitch in the most stylish way! Designed by Lana Jois, this hat has been on my list for a while now! And finally, knitscene features a few fantastic hats, but the ombre color-changing magic of the Maya Hat and Mittens Set gets my vote as the one that I just can’t wait to start!

boyd-featured1. Most of all, the Boyd Lake Hat Kit is BACK!

The Boyd Lake Hat Kit designed by our very own Meghan Babin is back!!! This was one of our most popular kits back in the thick of winter, and we are relaunching it just in time for Fall so you won’t have to go a cold month without it! Not only is this hat super stylish and fun to make, the kit includes the pattern, the incredible Brooklyn Tweed Quarry yarn, AND the faux fur pom that tops off this totally perfect hat. You can order this kit in three different color options: Slate, Geode, or Moonstone. Pick your favorite color or get all three and start on holiday gifts! Our hat kits have been selling like hotcakes this month and these kits are sure to go fast, so buy them before they are gone!

I can’t wait to make all of these hats! There are only a few months left before I switch back to my sweater knitting. So, I think I’ll cast on the Boyd Lake Hat in Moonstone first. What pattern will be first on your needles?

Happy hat knitting!





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