Top 5 Easy (and Cute) First Sweaters to Knit

As a beginning knitter and also someone who tends to get in over her head in everything she tries, I’ve set a goal for 2018 to knit an entire sweater. I think I learn best by doing, and sometimes diving right in to a challenge is the best way to move forward! So I’ve been searching through Interweave knitting magazines around the office to find easy sweater patterns.

Looking at all of these beautiful sweaters that I want to make and wear has me asking, am I skilled enough for this? Well, I don’t know! But I do know that I’m surrounded by knitting mentors at the Interweave office who will surely help me if I get stuck in a bind. So I’ve made this list of easy sweater patterns that really speak to me. They say, “I’m cute! Knit me!”

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5. Evergreen Mountain Pullover from Interweave Knits Spring 2018

This one looks a few steps above easy with its sculptural and textural lace, but the magazine gives it a difficulty rating of 2 out of 5, so how bad can it be? I like that it doesn’t look simple, but with the right skills, it can be knit simply. The sweater is a drop-shoulder pullover with a body worked from the bottom up in pieces. The neck and sleeves are worked in the round.

Photo by Harper Point Photography

4. Aberdeen Pullover from knitscene Spring 2018

This Kurt Cobain-inspired sweater is especially appealing to me with its vintage, grunge appeal. It is knit in stockinette stitch (which I can do!), and the thick stripes and worsted-weight yarn make it a relatively quick and simple knit. Plus, it’s really cool.

Photo by Harper Point Photography.

3. Cormac Sweater from knitscene Fall 2015

I’m a sucker for the mustardy yellow color this is knit in for the magazine, and the open-work stitches make it a great sweater for layering on top of dresses or tanks. The front and back are identical, and it’s worked back and forth in pieces and then seamed. I’m thinking of so many outfit options with this sweater already.

Photo by Carol Kaplan

2. Garter Stitch Pup from Interweave Knits Summer 2007

I never said this list was only sweaters for humans! This sweater is knit with just 2 strands of yarn. Add Velcro fastenings, a cute little button, and ta-da! You’ve knit a sweater . . . for a dog. Of course, the sweater pictured in the magazine is only 13 inches in chest circumference by 17 inches in length, so if I want to make it for my 80-lb dog, I’m going to need to make some major adjustments to the pattern.

Photo by Harper Point Photography

1. Hillwood Sweatshirt from knitscene Spring 2018

I think I’ll start with this one. The simple colorwork is knit in stockinette stitch in the round, and the blocky nineties style is totally my thing. I’ll try to make it in a size larger than I actually need so it will be a bit oversized, and I’m not one for bright, popping colors, so I think I’ll knit it in some neutrals. Stay tuned to see how the Hillwood Sweatshirt shapes up on my needles!

If you have any other suggestions for easy sweater patterns to knit, share them in the comments below!

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