Top 3 Ravelry Picks: Wool Studio Vol. II

After an issue comes out, it’s always interesting to watch which projects rise to the top on Ravelry. Predicting the outcome is impossible, and as the person curating the content, I’m always curious to see if my favorites are the overall crowd pleasers. (If you’re wondering, the answer is usually no.)

If I was sports-inclined, I would make a March Madness analogy, but I’d just make a fool of myself.

In the case of Wool Studio Vol. II, my losing streak was finally broken; the top three projects on Ravelry are what I anticipated as the fan favorites. I think you will love the number four bonus favorite as much as I do.

Let’s take a look at them together, shall we?

1. Monterey Tee by Kate Gagnon Osborn

The Monterey Tee is the standout favorite of this collection. It’s a striking top with straightforward construction, so you can concentrate on the allover lace pattern with high-texture twisted rib. Style this top with a simple camisole or layer it over long sleeves for transitional seasons. This tee is worked from the bottom up in pieces and then blocked to allow the openwork to bloom.

2. Avila Tee by Amanda Bell

Flowing, simple, and wearable, the Avila Tee is a casual but elegant top for the modern woman. The waterfall side panels are made after the fabric is complete with a drop-stitch technique that looks complicated but is simple enough for novice knitters to create. This tee is worked back and forth in two pieces and seamed.

3. Big Sur Pullover by Norah Gaughan

ravelry wool studio vol. ii

Brioche stitch is trending hot—leave it to Norah Gaughan to take it to the next level with an allover interrupted brioche texture in the Big Sur Pullover. The silhouette is oversized and features modern neckband details that are joined by grafting in the back.

4. Topanga Canyon Pullover by Véronik Avery

ravelry wool studio vol. ii

Yes, I know this is a “Top 3” list, but the Topanga Canyon Cardigan is nearly tied on Ravelry with the Big Sur Pullover. How could I not include this bonus favorite? Plus, this is on my personal short-list of knits for the fall.

The Topanga Canyon Cardigan is a relaxed and enveloping waterfall cardigan made for year-round wear. Let the textured front panels drape for a flowing silhouette or pin the cardigan at the shoulder for a wrapped-up look. This cardigan is worked back and forth in separate pieces and seamed.

What do you think? Is your favorite on the list here? Or is there another piece in this stellar collection ‘that has caught your eye? Let me know!

—Meghan Babin

Wool Studio: We Made It for You


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