To Felt Or Not To Felt

I admire knitted, felted goodies…mostly from afar. I love to examine them, and stroke them, but as much as I love all these beautiful creations, I have been dubious about the idea of making felted objects for myself.
Floral Felted Bag
For example: Everyone seems to love felted handbags, and I have seen some really pretty ones. However, I’m pretty hard on my tote bags and purses; I’ve been known to wear through a really good leather bag in a couple of seasons. I think I am a bit leery of putting that much work into something that I know would have a very hard life in my possession.

The other reality of my life is that I have cats, cats who love curling up on mom’s hand-made items. One always has to look at potential projects from the cats’ point of view: would it make a good cat bed? If the answer is yes, then one carefully weighs the possibilities for keeping the item out of the cats’ reach along with the cost of yarn and other considerations before deciding what to make and what not to make. A lovely felted intarsia bag would make a fine cat bed, and thus a poor Sandi project.

Still, I love to look, and to touch, and to see all the ingenious ways that folks come up with to make fabric into something that is as useful as it is beautiful. And I admit that I am sorely tempted to make Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick purse, simply because it is very practical, and pretty—and yet not so intricate that if I found a cat sleeping in it my heart would be broken.

Besides: The thought of tossing my knitting into the washing machine is strangely seductive. I am normally so careful NOT to put my knitting into the washer. And wouldn’t it be fun to carry around something I had knitted all day long?

Perhaps I could knit the pieces for Amanda’s bag, and then knit an extra square of cat-sized proportions, so that the cats would have their bed, and I would have my bag.

my cat Sparrow thinks this is his bed
Oh, wait. They are cats. Everything I have is theirs.

I think I will still make the bag. I can put my knitting in it and keep it at work to take to knitting-friendly meetings, thereby avoiding the danger of it becoming a cat bed.

I am off to find some lovely felt-able wool.

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