Spotting Trends at the TNNA Summer Trade Show

The National Needle Arts Association descended on Cleveland, OH over this past weekend. The TNNA trade show is an event where yarn companies and other knitting suppliers gather to introduce new products and colorways that launch this fall. It’s a great place to see old friends and colleagues, as well as check out the next trends in yarncraft. We will have videos running all week (and a possible podcast episode) based on what we saw, but let’s talk about some highlights.


Cartesian Pullover by Irina Anikeeva. Currently Available in Wool Studio Vol. VI.

Modern Minimalism

Companies launching new yarns also release patterns to support buying that yarn. While you will continue to see plenty of cabled hats and colorful shawls, I spotted many garments featuring simple-but-elegant construction and easy stitch patterns. These patterns are perfect for knit night, and you will end up with garments that you will wear as often as possible.

Natural Color and Breed-Specific Blends

More and more, knitters appreciate the qualities of specific sheep breeds. We may all love the softness of merino, but we also crave the luster and drape of, say, Bluefaced Leicester, or the nuances of natural, undyed fiber.

This is why we yarn.

Color, Period.

Sometimes more is more, and there was no shortage of color. Deep-dyed jewel tones mingled side-by-side with speckles, heathers, and handpainted skeins. Brown Sheep boasted a mere 90 colorways, being edged out by Oink Pigments’ 100+. The Yarn Guys may have led the pack, as I lost count at some point. Whatever your brand is, rest assured you will find plenty of new gorgeous hues.

Social Consciousness

More and more knitters care about where their yarns come from, and companies are paying attention. This might mean yarns that are 100% American made, from the sheep to the spinning mill. It might also mean yarns that are created on the other side of the world, providing both individual women and entire communities with a means to address their own socioeconomic stability.

Over the next few days, keep an eye out for some great video we shot that we will feature on Facebook, shouting out both classic products and some truly innovative lines!


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