Tips & Tricks for Knitting a Super Cool Beanie

My co-worker Louisa Demmitt and I tend to want to knit the same projects in the same color (usually green) at the same time. We are work wives, so it has become second nature to assume that if one of us is knitting something for work, the other person is most likely working on the same project. So naturally, when the Yarn Boss, Lisa Shroyer, needed two volunteer knitters for the awesome Super Cool Knit Beanies project kit, Louisa and I were totally on board. We were all, “Yo, Shro, give us them yarns! Let’s make us some beanies!”

This super-cool beanie is knit with four mini-skeins of MJ Yarns: two that are solid and two that are variegated. Rather than striping with the mini-skeins, each color is used in every round but shifts one section each time, creating a spiral effect. We found that the order in which the colors are cast on makes a difference in the final look.


Here I am hanging with the Work Wife. We kind of have matching beanies AND mugs. It is just that bad.

You’ll notice that my beanie (the orange one) is a little more spotted, and the spiral is a little harder to see. Louisa’s (the green one) has clear spirals throughout. That’s because we conscientiously cast on in different ways. For my hat I went solid, variegated, solid, variegated to split up the like skeins. Louisa went a different direction: solid, solid, variegated, variegated, to keep the more similar colors together. If you want clearly defined swirls, do what Louisa did. If you want more subtle, spotty spirals, do what I did. It’s all about your preference!

Another important tip for this project is yarn management. Using four skeins all at the same time can cause tangling, and subsequently stress. We used yarn bowls to help us keep everything straight and untangled. Put all the mini-skeins in a bowl, and every time you change colors, shift the bowl a little bit counterclockwise, which will help mitigate tangles. I used a paper bowl from the kitchen at work and it worked splendidly.

These hats are great for gals and guys alike. The colors are bold and fun—perfect pops of color to add to any outfit, whatever your gender. The hats are also reversible, since the pattern is a straightforward rib, which is always just a nice perk.

Louisa’s gym friend, Rick, took the beanie for a spin. Looks great on guys, too! (Photo Credit: Laura Stein)

We hope you have a great time knitting your Super Cool Knit Beanie! It’s a super speedy and uncomplicated project (once you get the moves down), but you’ll trick everyone into thinking it was harder than it was!

–Hannah & Her Work Wife

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