How to Fix Knitting Mistakes the Right Way

Something I absolutely love about knitting is that there is always more to learn. I’m no expert, but I have been knitting for over a decade and I have never gotten bored and am still constantly learning new things. There always seems to be another method of casting on or binding off, endless stitch patterns, decreases and increases, and ways to fix any mistake you could possibly make.

I don’t get anxious anymore about having to learn new techniques when embarking on a new knitting pattern, or freak out when I make a seemingly huge mistake in a project. Granted, I do have an amazing knitting safety net here at Interweave, but I’ve also learned that no technique is insurmountable and no mistake is unfixable.

Many non-knitters have said to me that they “could never do that” or “don’t have the patience” to knit. And my response to that is always that it is just a matter of learning. It’s not that some people are given an innate ability to know knitting when they are born and some are not. I am not the most patient person by any means, but knitting has interested me enough that I have taken the time to learn the basics of knitting and additional techniques as they have been applicable to projects I want to create. I can sit down and knit on a sweater for very long stretches of time, not because of patience, but because I am confident in my knowledge as well as ability to seek out new knowledge as I need it.

I think the above advice is important for those who already knit but might not be confident in their skills to try an intermediate- or advanced-level project. Everything in knitting is doable, and it’s just about taking a little bit of time to learn how to do it. It might make your brain explode a little bit the first time you see a video of someone doing a certain technique, but if you watch again and again and knit along on your own swatch, eventually it will click and you can apply what you’ve learned to your project. And on top of that, you’ll feel accomplished for having learned something new and adding a skill to your knitter’s mental toolbox.

Knitting Bag of Tricks Part 1 and Part 2You can find endless tips and tricks to boost your knitting knowledge in books and online, but sometimes it’s hard to find a whole bunch of them laid out for you in the same place. Knitwear designer and Interweave contributor Patty Lyons worked with our video team to create a special space that makes dozens of tips and tricks readily available to you.  Patty is an expert knitter and knitting educator with a wealth vast of knowledge that comes from years of delving into some less-than-glamorous aspects of knitting such as gauge and blocking.

Patty has done the dirty work for us and explains with clear and precise presentation many techniques that can take our knitting steps further, regardless of skill level, in the Ultimate Bag of Tricks for Knitters video collection. This collection includes two DVD sets on how to fix knitting mistakes and more: A Knitting Bag of Tricks, Parts 1 & 2, and Advanced Knitting Fixes, Parts 1 & 2. Right now this collection is on sale for over half-off, so it’s the perfect time to get your hands on all this knitting knowledge!

Happy learning!

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