Tiny Sweaters: A great beginning!

How cute is this?

When I started knitting, lots of my friends were having babies and I knit a lot of baby sweaters. Tiny sweaters out of lots of different yarns using lots of different patterns.

It was so much fun knitting for babies and learning new skills while creating these darling little garments.

The Kai Cable Sweater. I want this whole package, including the darling little guy!

I really pushed myself on a few of the projects, using advanced techniques on a small scale. I knit cabled sweaters, a striped vest, a Fair Isle dress, and an intarsia sweater. Those were the most challenging, but I knit lots and lots of simpler projects, which is what I'd like to talk about today.

One pattern that I made several times is the Kai Cable Sweater from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms by Louise Harding. This book is full of darling patterns, but the Kai sweater is one of my favorites.

It's deceptively easy, with its cable up the front and open sides. In fact, if you're new to cabling, the Kai is the perfect first project.

The cable appears to grow organically out of the ribbing.

One of the reasons the cable looks so nice is because it grows out of the ribbing, which is a design detail I love.

The cable is a classic eight-stitch braid cable where four stitches cross over four stitches You can see in the photo at left that the cable crosses begin with crossing a set of K2/P2 rib over another set of stitches so the the cable looks like it grows out of the K2/P2 rib.

To make this look especially nice, there are some increases in the first row after the ribbing is finished, right in the area where the cable will be, that preserves the two purl stitches right before the cable cross. These two stitches, as well as the two purl stitches on the other side continue all the way up the front of the sweater.

As in many cabled sweaters, the stockinette stitch cable is set off with purl stitches to make it really stand out.

I wanted to show the Kai in a different color, so LicketyKnit (a.k.a. Rachel) on Ravelry let me use her photo. I love the red, and the model!

Louisa's collar design is striking, too, with the cable continuing all the way up the funnel neck. It's so cute!

The edges of the bottom ribbing are open at the sides to give a baby's tummy area more room to move around. The neck opening is plenty big enough to accommodate those baby noggins that are always a little larger that you think—there's a split at the back of the collar that provides that extra head room.

One final detail is the three-needle bind off at the shoulders, which is done with wrong-sides together so that the seam shows. Very fashion-forward! And isn't that what we all want for our little ones (wink, wink). But I really do like this knitterly detail.

Check out Natural Knits for Babies and Moms and add the Kai Cable Sweater to your repertoire!


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