Time for Toques: Autumn in Canada

Just now, just this very minute, I saw the very first Knit Cap of the season walk by.

Well, OK, the cap itself wasn't doing the walking; Stephen King is not (yet) scripting my life's story. There was a human wearing the knit cap, but the point is: Some Canadian thought it was chilly enough today to grab a woollen cap on their way out the door.

And let me assure you, Canadians are not afraid of a little cold around their ears. So if a Canadian whips out a knitted toque, then it's Fall, baby.

Which means that here, in the land of snow, it's time to get ready for winter. (You there, up north in Yellowknife: Stop laughing at me calling Toronto "the land of snow." I'm  a California girl. I thought scarves were a FASHION STATEMENT until I moved up here.)

Since Fall is here, and being the good Canadian-in-training that I am, I've just about finished knitting a new winter hat. And so today, being the stalwart Northern that I aspire to be, I went outside in the chilly wind to take a photo under grey Ontario skies. And then, being the wacky sparkly Princess of Weird that I am, I asked our garden fairy to model the hat. The result looks a bit like something Brian Froud might post if he ever decides to become a knitting blogger.

That hat is adorable. It's Connie Chang Chinchio's Blume Hat from Knitscene Fall 2010, and it's just the cutest thing ever. As I say, it's not quite done; it's missing the edging along the brim. I only have twenty inches of yarn left from the first skein, so I happily ordered a second skein of the prettypretty merino-cashmere blend.

I say "happily" because: Connie's pattern includes matching gloves. I want those gloves, but I have to be patient, as there's no other way to be when Post Canada is in charge of the whereabouts of your yarn. The dyer, Kim of Indigodragonfly Designs, sent me another skein days ago. She's just up the road a piece in Haliburton. I could have walked to her dye studio, picked up the yarn, and walked back in the time it is taking our beloved, but rather pokey Moose Mail system to get it here.

That yarn better get here fast, Postmaster Moose. After all, any day now, I might see a scarf walking by.

– Sandi

P.S. If you happen to be up in my neck of the woods this weekend, come to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair on Saturday, Sept. 11! More than 70 Canadian yarn and fibre vendors will be there. If you see me, stop and say hello!

P.P.S. The hat and gloves won't take me long…what should I knit next? The Leitmotif Cardi is getting votes; leave a comment with your suggestions!

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