Three Reasons Why All Knitters Should Learn to Weave

As a knitter and spinner, I was initially reluctant to learn to weave. Why did I need another yarn craft when so much of my time and fiber love was already spoken for? Here are the three reasons why I eventually started weaving.

learn to weave

1. Weaving is fast.

Warping a loom can take a little time, but once you start weaving, you can make a scarf in an afternoon. Not only does it feel good to finish something so fast, it also cranks out presents quickly—leaving you more time for knitting.

learn to weave

2. You can use knitting yarns.

Floor-loom weavers use a lot of plain, smooth, fine cotton, but rigid-heddle looms use most of the same yarns you know and love from knitting. This makes them excellent stash-busters (or an excellent justification for buying new yarns, as if you need one).

learn to weave

3. You can combine yarns in new and different ways.

The number of knitting projects that mix different types of yarn is comparatively small. (Personally, I’m not even a big fan of changing color—jogs and ends to weave in and tension issues…) You can easily combine yarn in any number of ways when weaving.

Bonus reason: It’s cool.

Even if you’re not one to go along with the crowd, it’s worth checking out why so many people have decided to learn to weave.

Happy Weaving,

—Anne Merrow
Editor, Spin Off

Learn to Weave with Little Looms


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