There's a hole in my knitting!

(Apologies if you, like me, just started singing that to the tune of "Hole in the bucket.")

When I first asked for submissions that would play with the current cut out trend in fashion, I'd hoped to get some proposals that would really stretch people's creativity, both as designers and for the knitters who would eventually make these projects. Sachiko Burgin's Field Bazaar Sweater cleverly utilizes the negative space at the neck of a sweatshirt-style pullover, and both Megi Burcl's J. Watson Shawl and Lisa Jacobs' Boscombe Socks employ deliberate holes in dramatic places, but I remember oohing and aahing especially over Annie Watts' swatch for her Sign of Four Scarf.

I just loved how Annie transitioned between the openwork diamonds into the closed diamonds at each edge of the knitted scarf. I loved it so much that I had to knit my own.

This represents about an hour and a half of knitting—this scarf is a crazy fast knit! And it's so much fun to see how the diamonds are formed. Mine aren't quite as perky as the sample in the photograph, but I am sure a good blocking will fix that right up.

If I had thought about it before this point, I might have changed the body of the scarf to be garter stitch for my purposes, because I strongly dislike purling (I know, it's a weird thing I have) but I think right now I dislike the idea of ripping back even more, so we will continue on! (At one point I thought about steeking this but it's not really wide enough and yes, I will steek things if it means avoiding extensive amounts of purling—I already said I'm weird.)

If you haven't picked up your copy of Knitscene Spring 2014, featuring the Sign of Four Scarf, the rest of the patterns in the Deductions story, and so much more, check back this weekend—in honor of March being National Craft Month, the Interweave Store is holding a sale on everything in stock!

Happy knitting,

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