The Winning Sweater!

And the winner is…

The Farmer's Market Cardigan, by Connie Chang Chinchio! Whoo-hoo!

Everyone please give Connie, the designer of this fine cardigan, a round of applause for designing something so unusual and so flattering. I love this sweater, and I'm thrilled that you folks chose it for me to make for myself! You have such good taste 🙂

Actually, I was very impressed at the level of comments that came in with your votes. Many of you took the time to go over various fit details of your choices, explaining why you thought that particular shape would flatter me. I was quite amazed, not just at the time you took (thank you!), but at the insights you all had into garment choice. I think, needless to say, we've all learned a TON about shaping and fit and body curves over the past three years. (Perhaps we all deserve a round of applause, too!)

So the Farmer's Market Cardigan it is. And by the way: If any of you would like to join me in knitting this cute cardi, the pattern is in the Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Knits magazine.

What's next? Well, we have to choose some YARN, my friends! I know I said I would ask for help choosing yarn…but I'm wicked. I've already chosen the yarn. Not that I meant to choose the yarn, you understand. I meant to have all of you make suggestions and then vote and all that…but I was in my local yarn shop, and, well, let's just say that some yarn fell on me. Yes, that's what happened, some yarn fell off the shelves and landed on me. Now, it landed very softly on me, a whole skein of it barely brushing my skin…and that's how I noticed how cushy it was, and how soft-to-the-skin it was.

I had a yarn accident. You understand. Maybe you've had one yourself in your own local yarn shop?

Now as it happens, there wasn't enough of the color I coveted any particular color for a whole sweater, so I put the yarn back neatly on the shelf. But I knew it was The Yarn–thus, I present to you Dream in Color Classy, a gorgeous worsted weight yarn that comes in all sorts of glowing colors. Why don't you go look at the colors here–and then would you come back here and tell me which color you think would look best (leave a comment; I really do read them all!)? I'll be honest and say right up front that I have a color already in mind, but I am open to suggestions. No, I won't tell you what color I am thinking of, I don't want to influence your thoughts on the matter. Suggest away! You never know; I might be persuaded to pick the color you suggest.

Once a color is chosen, I shall ask the wonderful Megan, owner of Lettuce Knit, my local yarn shop, to order the yarn for me! And whilst we await its arrival, let's choose a size and take a look at the schematic to see if I need to make any alterations for my particular curves. I'll blog about that process here–partly to demonstrate how I go about it, but also to solicit your advice and help along the way. I've learned that you folks often see things about myself that I cannot see because I am too close to that girl in the mirror. 🙂


Report: The Pretty Little Thing

I finished it! I finished the little cowl made out of my very own handspun, and it's drying now after being lightly blocked. Someone asked me in the comments how one blocks something knit in the round, as it is impossible to spread it flat in a single layer.

Answer: I lay the garment flat (as a double layer) on either my blocking board or a couple of towels. I gently pat it into shape, making sure that the bottom layer is just as carefully nudged into shape as the top layer. If there are points or scallops, I pull them out together so that they match in length. Either way, I make sure that the edges line up and the whole thing is even and as symmetrical as it is meant to be.

So my pretty little cowl is still drying. Once it's dry, then I can play with it a bit to see how much memory the lace pattern gives the 50/50 silk/alpaca blend. So far, though…I love how it turned out! (Pattern: Pretty Thing, the Yarn Harlot's lace cowl design.)


There's more I could blog about–a little Bolero comes to mind–but I made quite a stellar mistake in that cute little mini-sweater, and I need some time to recover my dignity before I post about it. Next week, I promise.

Knit with joy…

– Sandi

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