The Western Slope Tee


When the Knits Summer 2015 issue came out, I immediately decided that I needed a Western Slope Tee. A loose, drapey linen tee—what a fabulous summer knit! Linen is such a great fiber for warm weather. It’s super light and comfortable. The Knit Picks Lindy Chain yarn, shown here in Harbor, is unique in that it’s a chained rather than plied yarn, which makes it much gentler on your hands as you’re knitting.

Detail LaceThis tee by Quenna Lee has some lovely details that make it a fun knit. First, it has a beautiful lace panel running up the front, adding a feminine touch. It’s easy to memorize and helps break up all the stockinette stitch.

IMG_5688I also love the pleats in both the front and back–such a neat detail! I’d never worked a pleat in knitting before. Now I’m trying to figure how how I can work them into other projects. Hmmm…

IMG_5685Overall, it’s a fun knit with a lot of unique little details. There’s just enough going on to keep things interesting, but simple enough that you can work on it at the pool or baseball games. It’s super comfy, perfect for hanging out on a patio with a beer and friends.

What are you knitting this summer?



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