The Vergennes Pullover: My Second Knitted Top

The moment I spotted the eyelet patterned green fabric of the Vergennes Pullover from the Summer 2011 issue of Knitscene I was in love. One of the great benefits of working at Interweave is the ability to see the garments when they come into the office. The construction of this pullover does not include any waist shaping, but when I tried the sample on (below right), the beautiful drape created its own flattering shaping. That was it; I started looking for yarn that day.

When you are choosing your colorway for Blue Moon Fiber Arts Woobu, remember that the 60% wool, 40% bamboo yarn construction takes color slightly differently than the samples shown. I chose the Bittersweet and love the pale orange/maroon to deep purple/maroon variegation.

As editor for Crochet Me, I have crocheted several crocheted tops, but this is only my second knitted top. Despite my inexperience, I am finding the pattern very accessible. Constructed from the bottom up, this pullover is worked in the round from hem to armhole shaping.This means that by the time you divide for the front and back you are already over half finished with the body.

After beginning the decreases for the back, I had to eyeball the placement of the pattern, matching it to the lower body of the pullover already worked. I found the pattern addictive and in just two weeks I had completed the lover body and back to the shoulder shaping.

Most sweaters I start at the beginning of summer are barely ready when the weather cools for fall, but I know this sweater will be finished quickly and leave me counting the days until I can wear it.

Stay tuned, I'll be sure to post pictures of this fabulous pullover when it is finished. Are any of you also working on the Vergennes Pullover? Do you have any tips to share?

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