The Ultimate TV Knitting!

I’ll admit it: I love TV. I watch way too many programs, but I don’t feel one bit guilty because I knit during all of my TV-watching time. It’s my time, and I look forward to it and savor it.

There’s one program that I don’t knit while watching, though, and that’s Knitting Daily TV. I can’t tear myself away from the exciting world of knitting!

I’m so excited for this season (the 12th!), because the fabulous Vickie Howell is our new host. I watched every episode of Knitty Gritty, Vickie’s old PBS show, and I just fell in love with her fun personality and interesting take on all things knitting. I really missed that show when it ended.

Although Vickie had some big shoes to fill when Eunny Jang left KDTV, she’s done a wonderful job making it her own.

Here’s a preview of episode 1201, all about my favorite thing: cable knitting!

This season, Vickie will host a variety of guest stars, including Interweave Knits editor Lisa Shroyer and Interweave Crochet editor Marcy Smith, who will teach you new techniques, delve into knitting history, and share the latest fashion and knitting trends.

The new season of KDTV will begin airing on PBS stations in January, but you can see it now by downloading it from the Knitting Daily Shop (or ordering the DVDs)!

Just one of the exciting changes is a new segment, Tools of the Trade, hosted by knitting author Tanis Gray. It’s designed to introduce viewers to the latest new products and yarns. It’s really fun to see all of the innovative knitting tools!

I’ve watched the first few episodes, and I promise you, there’s so much to learn and enjoy that you won’t be able to knit while watching it, either!


P.S. Leave a comment and share your favorite TV program to watch while knitting. My current obsession is Elementary. I love it!

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