The Summer 2011 Interweave Knits Galleries Are Here!

Coral Cardigan by Nancy Eiseman
Al Fresco Camisole by Alice Tang (the front and back are identical in this pattern)

We've got a new type of gallery for you this time! In the past, we've tried the same sweater on several different people, some of whom the sweaters fit and some of whom they didn't. All of our bodies are different, and it's hard to get a good idea of fit when people of different sizes are all trying on a sample-size sweater, which is usually about a size 32-inch bust.

So, I asked a few of my friends to knit up two of the summer knitting patterns in their sizes, making modifications to fit their unique shapes. They've chronicled their process and the new gallery presents their results in their own words.

The results of the Summer Interweave Knits Galleries are fun and informative. I hope you enjoy it.

Coral Cardigan

Dinah and Gerda made the Coral Cardigan by Nancy Eiseman, a knit top pattern that uses a random lace pattern to eventually replicate the look of coral. This was a challenge because Dinah and Gerda had to make up their own lace patterns. Each of them came up with a unique way of dealing with the challenge, though.

Gerda is very creative and artsy, so she enjoyed the freedom of the random lace. Dinah is a scientist and she was frustrated by the inherent  "randomness" of the lace pattern. So, she created a computer-generated lace repeat chart. Ingenious!

Each of them approached the knitting pattern in different ways, and both of their cardigans turned out beautifully. I think you'll find their experiences really interesting.

Al Fresco Camisole

Audrey and Sucia made the Al Fresco Camisole by Alica Tang. This knit tank top pattern was a lesson in gauge and fiber type for both knitters.

The pattern directions call for a size 5 needle, but both Audrey and Sucia ended up getting gauge with size 9s.

Even though the technically got gauge, both camisoles turned out too big. Audrey is happy with hers, though, because she doesn't like any negative ease. Different story for Sucia, though. Her top turned out much too big for her to wear, so she's knitting it again on smaller needles.

The bamboo-cotton blend yarn this tank was designed with has a lot of stretch, and both Audrey's and Sucia's gauge loosened as they knitted. Audrey is a tighter knitter than Sucia, so her tank ended up okay, but Sucia's looser knitting made for a huge finished project.

I call this one Adventures in Gauge, and it's an adventure you'll love being a part of.

The Summer 2011 issue of Interweave Knits is full of really cute summer knitting patterns. To see how real knitters knit up two of these patterns, check out the new Summer Gallery Knitting Patterns for Women from Interweave Knits, Presented by Knitting Daily now!


P.S. If you know knitters who would appreciate the real-word tips that these gallery gals provide, be sure to forward them this email so they can check out the Summer Galleries, too!

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