The Spectrum Tam

Two or three years ago, I knitted a tam that I though looked okay on me, even though I'm hat challenged. It's the Spectrum Tam by Beverly Roberts, which is a flattering hat on many face shapes, as you can see from the photos below.

Mimi: Heart Shape Audrey: Oval Shape
Bonnie: Oval Shape Ingrid: Heart Shape
   This is the Spectrum Tam by Beverly Roberts. I knit this out of Rowan Kidsilk Haze and Lion Brand Silk Mohair (the orange is the Silk Mohair). I had some random balls of these yarns, so I didn't follow the pattern exactly, but I think it turned out cute. And it looks good on everyone—even me!
Kathleen: Round Shape
Spectrum Tam and Scarf by Beverly Roberts

The Spectrum Tam is also really fun to knit. As I mentioned above, I had several single colors of these yarns, so I just knit a striped version of the hat.

Beverly's design, however is so clever. It's called the Spectrum Tam for a reason. The yarn colors flow into each other in an organic, beautiful way.

The color sequence goes like this: AA, AB, BB, BC, CC, CD, DD, DE, EE, EF, FF, FG, GG, GH, HH, HA. The colors are integrated into each other by using a slip-stitch pattern, which brings every other stitch up a little but into the color being worked next.

The result is a beautiful blending of colors. You could use any colors for this hat, using the slip-stitch technique.

It would be beautiful in a bunch of shades of one color, wouldn't it?

This pattern comes with a scarf design, too. The Spectrum Scarf is a zigzag pattern that uses the same sequencing and slip-stitch techniques to achieve the blended strip pattern.

I love this idea, and I have enough yarn left from my original Spectrum Tam hat to make another. I think I'll get a couple more colors and try to do the color blending instead of just the stripes.

One thing to note about knitting this hat is that it'll look like a little bag when you're done. You need to wet it completely, put it on a dinner plate, and let it dry. Then it'll have the beautiful tam shape that's so flattering. Magic!

Download the Spectrum Tam and Scarf by Beverly Roberts and start knitting!


P.S. Have you used a slip-stitch color knitting technique in your knitting? Tell us about it in the comments!

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