The Silver Lining: A hat tutorial (plus a 10-cent download!)

The Silver Lining Hat (click here to download the free pattern!)

There's such a thing in knitting as "deceptively simple." This phenomenon happens in all crafts, actually, and it's such a pleasant surprise.

The Silver Lining Hat in its "football" stage

The Silver Lining Hat, by Kirsten Hipsky of Valley Yarns, is one of those deceptively simple patterns. When it's done it's shaped like a football that's two different colors, which, I think you'll agree, doesn't look much like a hat (photo at right).

The deal is that you work from the top down, and then you switch colors and work from the bottom up.

At the end of the process you have a double-layer hat that has a different color lining that can be worn with either color showing and the other appears as the contrast color when you fold up the brim.

The only tricky part of the Silver Lining Hat is at the very beginning, where you start knitting in the round with just a few stitches. And it's not really hard, it's just awkward for the first few rows.

to get you over that hump, Knitting Daily TV host Eunny Jang walks you through the first few rows (and then she shows you how to knit the rest of the hat!) step by step.

Here's the clip from KDTV episode 802!

Isn't that great? I hope you'll try the Silver Lining Hat, and the other hats in KDTV episode 802, too. It's available as a single episode download, so check it out!


P.S. In the video, Eunny is wearing the Off-Rib Cardigan from knit.wear magazine.

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