The Season for Knit Sweaters

While many regions are currently experiencing unseasonably warm weather, it feels very much like winter in Colorado. There has been snow, blowing, blinding, burn-your-nostrils snow, stating the arrival of winter with a vengeance. Naturally this is the perfect time to knit sweaters, as they become lap blankets as you make them, keeping you both entertained and warm!

I had the best of intentions to finish my current sweater before heading to my family in Baltimore for Christmas, but alas I don’t think I’ll be able to pull it off. I’ve been sidetracked by other projects, knitting and otherwise, which so often happens at this holiday and party filled time of year. This delay just means that this will be my new year sweater, something fresh and fun to kick off 2016 in style.

Knitscene Fall 2014

My current sleeved undertaking is the East Neuk Hoodie by Kristen Orme from Knitscene Fall 2014¬†(it’s the cover project!). It has a kangaroo pocket, a generous hood, and elbow patches. The all over patterning is created through the simple use of knits and purls, together in beautiful gansey-like combinations. I thought it was going to be slow going because this beauty is knit on size three needles, but, just as Amy told me it would, the knitting has flown by! The pattern is engaging and easy to follow.


My neckwear in this pic is Megi Burcl’s Beacon Shawl from Knitscene Accessories 2015!

Using Cascade 220 Superwash means this project knits up easily and will wear really well…it will be perfect for camping and hiking and all the adventures I want to go on next year. I used to fear knit sweaters, thinking they were too delicate for use in the real world. Turns out I was, happily, wrong. Knitwear can be durable and resilient and fit for adventure!

I’ll be sure to post more as I finish up this project, and I hope you’ll share what you’re up to, knit wise, as well. I sense 2016 will bring so many good yarn things, I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Merry, happy, joyous tidings!


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