The Pan-Am Jacket: You Can Do It!

Last fall, several intrepid knitters got together for a Knitting Daily Knit-Along and made Ashley Rao’s Pan-Am Jacket. This jacket is a wonderful challenge for the courageous knitter. And it’s the perfect project for a knit-along! Everyone learned so much from each other, and the community that was established was so fun to be a part of.

I must confess, though, that I didn’t finish my Pan-Am; I never even started it. Shame on me! I’ve knit several of our knit-along projects, but I just couldn’t fit this one in.

It’ll stay on my list, though, because it’s so beautiful, and flattering, too! It incorporates so many knitting techniques that you’ll improve your knitting skills in the process of knitting, too. Here’s a montage of finished objects:

They’re all beautiful, and I love the color variety. It’s so much fun to see what colors people choose, and I really didn’t expect to see a two-color version! It wouldn’t occur to me to knit this sweater in two colors, but I think it turned out great!

You can’t see it in these photos, but some people knit the facing of the border and sleeves in a different color, which adds a secret detail just for the knitter. Neat-o.

In the knit-along forum there are a bunch of tips that are super helpful, but one that came up a lot concerned the sleeves and the Roman Ribs’ tendency to bell out a bit.

Several knitters solved this by going down one or two needle sizes and did the cuff facing in 1×1 ribbing. This technique pulls the sleeves in a bit and manages the belling problem.

As I mentioned above, the Pan-Am Jacket is a challenging pattern—it’s not for the beginning knitter. But I really encourage intermediate and even advanced-beginners to knit this jacket. If you don’t challenge yourself, you won’t advance, and the finished Pan-Am is so lovely, as you can see from the photos above.

So this is one of those knitting trifectas: interesting to knit, beautiful finished project, versatile wardrobe-builder. I love it.

And even though our knit-along is over, the forum will live forever on the web and you can glean so much knowledge from the knitters who went before you. So download your Pan-Am Jacket pattern today, read through the knit-along forum, and knit a fabulous jacket for yourself!


Pan Am Jacket (page 30)
Shaping Chart: New instructions for Size 44¾” (Green)—Raglan: Every 2nd row through row 21, then every 4th row once (row 25), every other row twice (rows 27 and 29), and every 4th row alternating with every 2nd row through row 65.
Pan Am Jacket Sleeve
Pan Am Jacket Right Front
Pan Am Jacket Right Back
Pan Am Jacket Left Front
Pan Am Jacket Left Back

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