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Fan favorites Laura Bryant and Barry Klein have been appearing on Knitting Daily TV since the very first season. Their tips and techniques for knitting with fun yarns have been eaten up by knitters of all skill levels nationwide. Along with their color sense and knitting know-how, they dove into measurements this past season on Series 700. Here's Kathleen Cubley's October 7th Knitting Daily blog post about Laura and Barry's 703 "Fit" segment:



Measuring yourself is never super fun (unless you've recently lost weight!), but knowing your measurements is essential to knitting sweaters that fit.

My knitting group got together a couple of years ago and had a measuring party—we buddied up and took each others' measurements and wrote them all down. We need to do that again since it's been awhile. Here's hoping my measurements have stayed the same or even gotten a tiny bit smaller!

After seeing episode 703 of Knitting Daily TV, I'm armed with lots of great information and tips to make the measurements more exact. Designers and authors Laura Bryant and Barry Klein join host Shay Pendray to share their tricks for taking accurate measurements, along with lots of info about that mysterious element: ease.

Laura measures and tries on several sweaters and demonstrates how positive ease (a garment that measures a little larger than a person's measurements) and negative ease (a garment that measures a little smaller than a person's measurements) affect how the garment looks.

It might be counter-intuitive, but the garment with negative ease is much more flattering. I love this visual evidence-so many of us make our sweaters too big! Once when my knitting group was trying on sweaters for one of the the Interweave Knits galleries, almost everyone thought a certain sweater wasn't going to fit them. When it did I could see the light bulbs go on—"I think I've been making my sweaters too big" was the quote of the evening.

Laura and Barry have made a handy chart available for download, too. It's from their book The New Knitter's Template, and it provides blank spaces for every measurement you'll ever need. Here's the clip from episode 703:

Did you know you can download individual episodes of Knitting Daily TV? Download episode 703 and organize a measuring party with your knitting group! You'll have a ball watching the episode and then measuring each other.

The New Knitter's Template
Book Giveaway!!

Now that we've heard so much about Laura and Barry's book, we thought it'd be fun to give away a couple signed copies to our Knitting Daily TV fans. Simply comment on this blog post about a fit issue you've run into, solved, or need help with. Tell us a funny story about your first sweater that wouldn't have fit any human, or about the last sweater you made that fits perfectly.

Comment by noon Mountain Time on November 15th, and you're automatically entered for The New Knitter's Template signed book giveaway.
Knitting Daily will randomly choose two lucky winners from all the comments and contact them for shipping information.


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