The Magical World of Harry Potter (Knits!)

My nephew in his Gryffindor House
sweater. He loves it!

Last winter I had a major knitting victory. My nephew Henry, who was "very interested in Harry Potter," asked me to knit him a Gryffindor sweater. So I did. It turned out great, and he actually chose to wear it to school. Like I said, victory. (Before you ask, I used a generic V-neck pullover pattern and simply added the stripes.)

Henry is now "very interested" in Star Wars, but I think he'll come back around to Harry. I made his sweater a little long so that it might fit him for two winters. We'll see.

It was so amazing to experience the magic of Harry Potter through Henry's eyes. His imagination was ignited in ways that were both exciting and endearing. He worried about the fate of Buckbeak the Hippogriff while at the same time talking about what he'd do if he had a Time-Turner like Hermione's. It was wonderful.

I loved the Harry Potter movies and books so much, but Henry's love of them made my appreciation soar. That's why I'm so happy to tell you about our new publication, The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits! It's full of more than thirty projects that evoke Harry Potter's world, and you'll love incorporating it into your world.

Here are some of the magical designs you'll find inside:

Ginny's Cardigan
by Mari Chiba

Owls peer out from the back of this cardigan, keeping watch for any mischief.

Ginny would certainly wear this smart, beautiful sweater!

Severus Pullover
by Josie Mercier

Josie designed this sweater while thinking about what Professor Snape might wear if he needed to go undercover as a Muggle.

The serpentine cable pattern is perfect for him, since he's head of Slytherin House!

Fred and George Socks
by Rachel Coopey

These socks are the perfect tribute to Fred and George Weasley—the same, yet different!

They would be great in any two colors, but I love the orange as a reminder of the red-haired, charming Weasley twins.

E.L.F. Hat
by Kendra Nitta

Could this be cuter? I can just see Dobby hopping down a hall at Hogwarts, wearing this hat with such pride!

If you love color knitting and stitch patterns, you'll love knitting this little treasure.

Wonderful stuff, yes? The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits has inspired me to knit with Harry Potter again, just as J. K. Rowling's books have inspired hundreds of other knitters. As editor Amy Clarke Moore points out in her editor's letter, "It's not surprising as J. K. Rowling is a knitter herself and several of her characters knit—from Hagrid (making a canary-yellow circus-tent) to Molly Weasley (knitting sweaters for all her children) to Hermione (making hats for house-elf liberation). Even Dumbledore contemplates the value of a nice warm pair of socks and enjoys reading Muggle knitting publications."

I loved it in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when Dumbledore said he loved knitting patterns. Me, too, Albus!

Pre-order your copy of The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits today, grab your needles, and step into the magical world of Harry. (Due to copyright restrictions, this magazine is only available for sale in the United States.)


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