The Magic of Pi

As I’m sure many of you know, Elizabeth Zimmerman was a knitting wizard. Along with many other concepts, she figured out the magic formula for increasing circular shawls. After much knitting and tinkering, she discovered that the rate of increases were related to the mathematical constant Pi, 3.14159…, aka that number you used to figure out the volume of a Pringles can back when you were in 5th grade. Beautiful shawls like the Cherry Blossom Shawl were constructed using this easy formula. How is that not magic?

Using a simple formula and the magic of Pi, you can design your own circular shawls. Renowned designer and mathematician Kate Atherley teaches a webinar, Knitting Pi Shawls, explaining how to knit a shawl without a pattern and create your own design based of the principles of Pi. It’s a great chance for both lace knitters and knitters looking for a challenge to add a new skill to their set. Check it out and start making your own custom circular shawls!




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