The Lida Top

One of the hazards of being a knitter and working at a knitting magazine is the outrageously large number of patterns you want to knit. There are so many awesome projects, in magazines, in books and on Ravelry. Every day I find more things I want to make, more yarns I want to try, more yarn shops I want to visit. Time is a factor though. It is, in fact, not possible to knit every single thing and still function in a working environment (we do not actually spend all day knitting at our desks!). That being said, I have started taking a stab at my very, very long "to knit" list.

This week I cast on the Lida Top by Gretchen Ronnevik from Knitscene Summer 2013. I heeded the advice of my ninth grade biology teacher and read the instructions all the way through before starting. I have a terrible habit of thinking "I know what I'm doing!", only to find out half way through whatever it is (a knitting project, changing a flat tire, souffles, etc.) that I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. I do not like feeling clueless, so I have started, in my twenties, to read directions.

The original pattern uses Zitron Filisilk, but I am using Zitron Fil Royal for a warmer, summer into fall top. The weight for these two yarns is the same, so my gauge was spot on. I did a gauge swatch to make sure, making my mother proud. As mentioned in a previous post, I have learned the hard way that gauge swatches are necessary. I have finally made enough ill fitting garments with nice yarn to recognize that gauge swatches matter. Swatch done, I knit on.

This tank is worked in the round to start with the wrong side facing. It took me a couple rows to remember this, as what I had on my needles was not looking like the picture. My brain finally kicked in with an "ah ha!" moment as I remembered what the directions said. As you can see from my photos, I have only just started on this. But I'm already finding the stitch pattern to be rhythmically soothing. The yarn is soft and smooth, and the click of the needles is, as always, a calming sound. I will post more as it grows, with a goal of being done while this top is still weather appropriate.

If, like me, you have an ever-growing list of things to knit, especially of the summery variety, now is the time to start! We still have a few more weeks of sunshine, picnics and fireflies before sweater season begins, plenty of time for one more summer creation.


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