The Joy of Sleeves (Not)

Note from Sandi: I'm sick with the stomach flu, and although I tried and tried to write a coherent blog entry for you about the wonderful pockets of the Farmer's Market Cardigan I'm knitting, unfortunately, coherency eludeth me at the present time. I do have a backup post in my bag of tricks, however. I wrote the below a while back but held off on showing it to you out of a bit of embarrassment, shall we say. Nonetheless, I thought it might amuse you whilst I am ill…therefore, I present to you: The Story of Two Sleeves.

Report: The Bolero, from Feminine Knits

Regarding my progress on this cute wee cardi, I may have to have a tiny wee tantrum. (Or perhaps a tiny wee drink. Except that I don't really drink. Much.)

I finished all the pieces of the Bolero, and did the ribbed borders, and got to the point where it was time to block all the pieces prior to seaming things up. I happily laid out the back first, pinned it down, then pinned out the left front, and the right front, and then the left sleeve…and then the other left sleeve.

Yes, the other left sleeve. As in two of them. As in, I only have one left arm.

I am breathing. I am breathing. In with the healing pink air, out with the nasty two-left-sleeved orange air…

There are separate instructions for each sleeve, and I had written each of these out, line by line, carefully checking to make sure my own line-by-line instructions were mirror images of each other.

So what happened? I think…I think that I may have just Gone ClueFree for a bit and knitted the same set of notebook instructions twice–those for the left sleeve.

We shall pause this blog whilst Sandi goes off in the corner and wails for a few moments. Thank you for your patience.

The question is: How long will the poor second left sleeve have to sit in the meditation pond before I have enough patience to frog it and knit a proper right sleeve?

Whilst the woebegotten sleeve marinates in the pond, the rest of the pieces are beautifully blocked and ready to be seamed. (Semi-final score: Bolero–1; Sandi–4.)

Anyone have any wise words here? Please share them if you do. I mean, really. Don't hold back. I might need a few wise words to steady me before I attempt that sleeve again.

P.S. From Present-Day Sandi: And no, I still haven't ripped out that silly second left sleeve…and maybe I ought not to try working on the sleeves for my current sweater project either right now if I'm sick. I might end up with a cover for my snow shovel.

Knit with joy…

– Sandi

P.S. Let me know what you think! Comments welcome!

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