The Joke’s on You

These days I read the newspaper on my iPhone. It's part of my morning routine: alarm goes off, grope around for phone, check email, check Facebook, read paper, get up and shower.

The iPhone version of our paper doesn't have the comics, though, and come Sunday, though, I need my fix. Did Garfield get his lasagna? What office antics is Dilbert suffering through? How's Adam coping with working at home? I need to know. I've always been a comics fan; it was the first (and only) section I read when I was little, and I've kept up with my favorite characters (and welcomed new ones) over the years.

When I got the new Knitscene I was excited to see a story about knitting cartoons. You read that right: knitting cartoons! Here's a sample:

Knit Princess goes to the doctor's office and forgets her knitting. Image by Allison Sarnoff and Sarah Seale. I can relate to this—how about you?

Here's a little bit about Knit Princess:

Allison Sarnoff of Knit Princess (www got into the habit of documenting her knitting life during a stint with unemployment. A knitter of more than ten years, Allison took to blogging more frequently while she was between jobs, and at the urging of a friend, partnered with an illustrator to create the first Knit Princess Web comics.

In four years, Allison has collaborated with three different artists (who, incidentally, also knitted or became interested in the craft through their work with Allison). Allison says, "The stories for Knit Princess mostly come from experiences in my own life, although they do tend to be exaggerated for humor."

Allison and her current artist, Sarah Seale, created the comic on this page exclusively for Knitscene, based on her own recent experience with forgetting her knitting before going to a doctor's appointment.

—from the Summer 2012 issue of Knitscene

There's more to knitting publications than patterns and knitting techniques! Find out more about knit comics in the Summer 2012 issue of Knitscene. What fun!


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