The Eunny Galleries (AKA The IK Editor Becomes A Gallery Gal)

Today we're doing something that I don't think any knitting magazine has ever done before: The editor of Interweave Knits, Eunny Jang, is trying on some of the garments from the Summer 2008 issue of her own magazine, so we can show you what they look like on HER.

Eunny, trying on the Drawstring Raglan

And thus a new Gallery Gal is born…

This time Eunny herself will be providing the commentary on how she would modify the garments to fit her shape and size. (Eunny also asked me to chime in with any additional comments I might have. We'll see…)

Let's start off with some of Eunny's thoughts about the garments in the Summer issue and how she herself might wear them:

The Editor Galleries: Notes from Eunny Jang

I’ve got a confession to make: I feel most comfortable in jeans and a tee-shirt, and the vast majority of my clothes are in solid, somber hues. While I love to knit and admire items full of color or texture, for my day-to-day clothing, I tend to fall back on the easy, the comfortable, the unremarkable. This issue’s knits, however, got me out of the box: Figuring out how richer pieces can fit into my lazy-girl wardrobe can be tricky, but is rewarding.

As usual for the galleries, I’ll guide you on what modifications I’d make to suit me. Not a single knitter in the world is any one “standard” size, and I’m no exception—I’m short (about 5'2" on a good day), not a waif, and have a thick upper body for my height. I’m also very long-waisted (even though I’m short, I tend to find that I need to lengthen sweaters rather than shorten them), short-legged, busty, and broad-shouldered. To top it off, I’ve got some bad scarring from a long-ago accident and prefer not to go sleeveless or too bare on top, so I’m always thinking about how to layer.

—Eunny Jang
Editor, Interweave Knits magazine

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I've been PODCASTED!

Download the Top 5 Winning Patterns! (free)

Sandi here again…and have I got something fun for you! This week, Kathy and Steve Elkins of WEBS America's Yarn Store invited me to be a guest on their podcast, Ready Set Knit! Come join us as we chat about the Readers' Choice Award winners, what it's like to be a knitting blogger and make mistakes in public, and lots of other fun knitting stuff! Starting tomorrow morning (May 3), you can download the podcast from the WEBS website, or you can look for it on iTunes.

What's a podcast? It's a little radio show you can listen to on your computer or download to your MP3 player. Grab a cup of tea and your knitting and listen while you get a few rows done!

Spectrum Scarf (free)

This Week's Featured Free Pattern!

Download the Spectrum Scarf, featured in the Yarn Spotlight section of the Summer 2008 issue of Interweave Knits. Take four skeins, each a different color, of a soft laceweight baby alpaca yarn. Knit with four strands of the same color held together and a large needle, this is the easiest lace scarf you will every make, due to the simple, no-brain-drain lace pattern. ("Great TV knitting!" says Eunny.) The color changes are clever: changing the number of strands of each color you hold together as you knit, in a gradually changing spectrum from light to dark.

We love to hear what you think! Really. Would I lie to you?

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? This week has been the Week of Knitting Weirdness here in Chez Sandita. I had to send one of my projects to the Naughty Corner (hoodie for Hubby) due to a disagreement about row gauge and sleeve length. The dog, who has never liked yarn before, chewed on a second project, destroying it partly. I broke a sock needle. (I think I'll do some spinning this weekend.

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