The Early Bird Gets a Present

Voussoir Hat by Robin Allen

I have a problem: I love magazines. I buy them a lot, and by "a lot," I mean just about every time I'm at a place that sells them. Bookstores, grocery stores, drug stores—you name it. I think of a new magazine as a reward for doing whatever errands I'm forced to do.

Is that wrong? Heck, no! Sitting down with my coffee and a magazine is such a treat for me, and I deserve it.

You deserve it, too! The new issue of Knits Gifts is out, and I think you should gift yourself a copy. Even though the intent of Gifts is to give you patterns and ideas to make for your friends and family, the magazine itself is a wonderful thing to gift yourself. And it's never too early to start your gift knitting!

It's Hat Season

Hats are where it's at, and there are several really wonderful hats in Knits Gifts. The one that I really fell in love with is the Voussoir Hat by Robin Allen. It's a close-fitting hat that uses a combination of knits, purls, and twisted stitches to create a design that looks much more complex than it is. This hat reminds me a lot of my favorite Koolhaas Hat. I love the diamond pattern.

Here are a few more of my favorites:

In the stretchy Backroad Hat by Elizabeth Elliot, a simple slip-stitch pattern breaks up potential pooling, while letting hand-dyed yarns take center stage.
The people who live in the Mackenzie River region of Northern Canada know a thing or two about outerwear. Josie Mercier's Mackenzie River Hat features an extra-deep fold-up brim and cables that taper into the crown. Carolyn Kern's Rosebud Hat is so feminine and pretty. This Fair Isle knitting pattern can be done in any combination of colors and it has a deep, faced hem that gives it a a polished finish provides an extra layer of warmth.
Stashbuster Hat by Nancy Shroyer

Hats are really wonderful to knit and to give as gifts. They're small projects, but they often are made with sophisticated stitch patterns or colorwork. I really love making hats for these reasons, but especially because people love getting them! I recently knitted a hat for my dad for his birthday, and it was his favorite gift.

I also enjoy knitting hats for myself. I've had fun discovering which hat shapes are flattering on me, too. I don't look good in close-fitting hats, so I like to make slouchy hats, especially patterns. So pretty.

Get your issue of Interweave Knits Gifts today and cast on a hat!


P.S. What technique do you use for knitting hats? Double-pointed needles, 16-inch circular, or Magic Loop? Leave a comment and tell us!

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