The Central Park Hoodie (and Voting for the Next KAL!)

The Central Park Hoodie Knit-a-Long is officially over, although there are many of us still knitting like the wind to get this puppy done so we can wear it already!

I've got a sleeve left and the finishing, which is at least a week's worth of work. I'm knitting steadily, though!

We had an amazing amount of participation in the KAL: almost 800 comments! People really loved the project and shared their tips and tricks so generously. It was, and continues to be, a wonderful KAL, and that's because of the people involved. Thank you all so much for making this a really fun couple of months of knitting the Hoodie; I'm looking forward to knitting with you again in the next KAL (see below for voting!).

Here's a parade of beautiful Central Park Hoodies for you to enjoy, and if you're still working, don't despair—you're in good company. The KAL forum will be available forever, so post away!

  Catherine's CPH   Artful Soul's CPH    Peggy's CPH
  TMS's CPH   Teresa's CPH    Aporanee's CPH
  Mardi's CPH   Candace's CPH    Barbara's CPH

What Should We Knit Next?

Several of you expressed interest in working an easy fair isle project, so all of my choices for the next KAL incorporate that technique. Fair isle is such a fun and rewarding technique—it takes the "just one more row" syndrome to new heights! (Just take a look at the fabulous new book of fair isle and colorwork patterns The New Stranded Colorwork by Mary Scott Huff. She's done an amazing job developing beautiful patterns for this technique.)

The Cactus Blossom Pullover and the Tomato Sweater are great first sweater projects that incorporate a bit of fair isle work. The Fresco Mitts and the Freyja Hat are both beautiful, quick-finish projects—which might be good for this busy time of year. The Lady's Duet and the Snowflake Scarf are easy and very "gift-able," and both scarves would work for the man in your life, too.

I hope one of these strikes your fancy, too!

  Cactus Blossom Pullover     Fresco Mitts    Freyja Hat
   Cactus Blossom   Fresco Mitts     Freyja Hat 
  Lady's Duet   Earflap Hat   Snowflake Scarf  

Click here to vote for your favorite; I'll announce the winner next Friday.





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