The Case of the Mystery Hermosa Bag

This week’s guest blogger is Kelly Lealos from Namaste Inc., makers of handbags and accessories designed for knitters and crocheters. Namaste helped us decorate the set for our last tapings—see if you can find their brightly colored notions tucked in the background when you watch the show. Now, here’s Kelly to tell you more about her experiences in the studios.

Hi Knitting Daily! Last March my business partner and sister, Dawn, and I packed ourselves up and made the trip to Ohio for the taping of our segment on the show. It was the first time either of us had done anything like this, so we were really excited, but had no idea what to expect. We were really impressed by the studio, and seeing Namaste products decorating the entire set was so cool! 

When we arrived at the set we learned that Kim Werker, a friend of ours from this great needlearts community we love, was hosting our segment. Immediately this calmed any nerves we had about appearing on TV—it was just like catching up with Kim and her contagious smile!

Our interview was for episode 312, “Gifts for Every Season”—which won’t be airing until closer to the holidays—but we’re excited to give you this preview video clip here:


We know yarn crafters love to make gifts, but the idea behind our segment was to show some gift ideas for the knitter and crocheter. The funny thing about the segment is that before we went on, Dawn and I were asked if there were particular products that we’d like to show. I happened to be carrying a “not-yet-announced” Hermosa bag. 

A little background: Before Dawn and I decide on a bag to introduce to our customers, we test it extensively. For us, this means carrying it around for weeks while deciding what we love and hate about it, making changes, and then testing the next sample. Many bags have gone through more than ten sampling stages before we feel they’re right! I had been carrying the most recent sample of the Hermosa bag for some time (it was my travel bag to Ohio) and had really been enjoying the bag in its current stage. We decided then and there that the Hermosa bag should be debuted on Knitting Daily TV, so I displayed my own peacock-colored Hermosa bag for the first time (fully equipped with all my personal items) on the set. We figured, no problem, by the time this show airs in October we will already have these bags in stock. 

Shortly after we returned to our home in Los Angeles, someone had seen a photo online of our appearance and posted it on Ravelry, and wanted to know the identity of the “mystery” bag. It was hilarious and what a buzz it caused! The response overwhelmed Dawn and me about what loyal, attentive, and wonderful fans we have of Namaste bags and accessories. 

Since our appearance on Knitting Daily TV, we have introduced the Mini Clutch—a great way to tote your hooks or DPN’s, as well as your personal items. The best part about this one is that it doubles as a clutch for a night out on the town (my non-crafting friends have appreciatively let me know!).

Additionally, we’ve introduced the Oh Snap! Pouches in a set of two (XL & XXL). This product was added to our line after many needlepointers and knitters asked us to make something they can fit their larger projects and canvases in. Also, we’ve just introduced the Hermosa bag in red and the Laguna and Zuma bags in a classic black (all as a result of requests from customers). 

We’re working on other new products based on requests, so stay tuned and sign up on our website to receive updates about new launches and colors. 

One of the many things we love about being in this industry is hearing from those who like and use our stuff. So keep the feedback coming in—tell us what you’d like to see, what you need to have. The truth is, we’re listening.


Kelly Lealos, Namaste Inc. 

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