The Belgravia Tee, finished edition

We’ve had a week of storms and cooler weather here in Colorado, but this has not lulled me into any sense of security. Summer temperatures will return with a vengeance, I’m sure of it. Summer here is different from my eastern upbringing, where humidity was always the deciding factor in whether or not I wanted to be outside. When people in Colorado complain about “how humid it is” I always laugh maniacally to myself, cackling “oh you have no idea about humidity…none whatsoever!”

This is only my second western summer and it’s been a crazy blend of hot, dry days, with a more than healthy smattering of epically frightening hail storms. Eventually it seems to settle out though to a pleasant, sometimes warm, sometimes sunny, breezy kind of climate. Perfect for linen knit wear.

Which means my timing is incredibly fortuitous for finishing up my Belgravia Tee from Knitscene Spring 2014. Robin Melanson’s airy tee features beehive inspired lace panels and a “back cutout that echoes the outline of the hive-shaped pattern motifs”. I knit it in Classic Elite Yarns Firefly in Thistle, a mellow and calming purple that seems to jive with everything in my wardrobe. The linen has a beautiful fluid drape and feels really light and delicate.

Two little buttons on the back neckline add a nice touch of femininity and the seed stitch borders make the whole top feel cohesive. This yarn was really pleasant to work with and settled nicely after blocking. And the pattern was just plain fun. Good, spring to summer fun.

(Important Note: This project was completed with the help of Interweave Crochet assistant editor Lindsay Jarvis, who helped me understand that I did not know how to crochet, and subsequently rectified that situation, and Knitscene editor Amy Palmer who always makes me look good in photos.)

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