Tessellating Leaves Scarf Mosaic Knitting Knit-a-long Week 4!

Hello there knitters! Sorry for the lack of a post last week—I came down with a cold that knocked me out for most of the previous weekend and my knitting suffered as a result. So I am running a bit behind on my Tessellating Leaves Scarf, but I’ll catch up! I can’t wait to finish knitting my scarf—I’m already so in love with it.

If you are on track for your Tessellating Leaves Scarf, you’re in the final stretch! This week we’re working an abbreviated repeat of the chart and then binding off and making fringe! If you’ve never added fringe to a knitted object before, it’s really easy. Here’s a video of Eunny Jang showing us the basic method of adding fringe, as well as two fancier methods.

Obviously the first, basic method would work really well for these scarves, but I think the twisted fringe might also look nice! What method are you going to try? Do you have any tips for making fringe? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’re finished with your Tessellating Leaves Scarf, send us a picture! You can leave a link to your finished project (if it’s in a blog post or on Ravelry, for example), or via Twitter directly to me at @AmyPalmerKnits. If you haven’t started yet, never fear! You can still purchase the Tessellating Leaves Scarf kit, but we’re running low on stock, so order soon! I can’t wait to see your finished scarves!

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