Tessellating Leaves Scarf Mosaic Knit-a-long: Week 1

I'm kicking off my New Year's Knitting resolution today, and I hope you'll join me! I'm taking a stab at my first mosaic knitting pattern and working up Ann McDonald Kelly's Tessellating Leaves Scarf from Knitscene Winter 2014. 

I'll be using Plymouth Yarn's Homestead, which is a relatively new yarn. If you don't yet have yarn, you can purchase the Tessellating Leaves Scarf Kit from the Interweave Store. For my scarf, I'm using plum and light grey heather, but Plymouth Homestead comes in a bunch of different colors! I'm also curious how this might look in a dark color and a gradient yarn.

The pattern for this scarf is pretty simple—work a couple of set-up rows and then dive into the chart. For this first week, I've cast on and completed the set up, so now I'm working one repeat of the chart (with my ever classy paper clips as stitch markers, dividing off the chart repeats). If you read the notes for this pattern, you'll see that the chart for this pattern is an abbreviated chart. Ann wrote an excellent article in Knitscene Winter (a copy of which is included in the kit) and mentioned that sometimes, mosaic charts are abbreviated because each row in mosaic knitting is worked twice. In this case, I'll be working the first repeat of the 32-row chart, which only looks like 16 rows in print (we like things that save page space in print media).

Here's my "outline" for knitting this scarf:
January 5: Cast on, work set-up rows, work one repeat of the chart.
January 12: Work second repeat of the chart.
January 19: Work third repeat of the chart.
January 26: Work last portion of the chart, do the finishing rows and then the fringe.

Are you knitting along with me? Let me know in the comments or on twitter (@AmyPalmerKnits)! You don't have to follow my schedule, obviously, but I wanted to give myself time to get used to mosaic knitting, and also allow for other little projects to sneak in here and there.

Happy Knitting,

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