Tara Jacket (almost) Complete!

Hello there! I’m happy to report that I have successfully completed my second knitted sweater and my very first knit-along! There were actually two knit-alongs going on for this project. The Knitting Daily Tara Jacket knit-along finishing deadline was this past Friday, and there was also a much smaller knit-along within the Interweave office. Louisa Demmitt (of Knitscene) and I knit away on these bad boys simultaneously, and she finished hers a few weeks ago. You can see and read about her beautiful project here. It looks great, Louisa!

I think this project was a great example, at least for me, of how knitters can be attracted to the same pattern, but the look of the final products can vary so much from knitter to knitter. The differences between the original piece as designed by Ashley Rao, Louisa's finished product, and my own are interesting and lovely and, well, different! Louisa and I both used the yarn specified in the pattern, Berroco Voyage, but chose different colors from the designer and each other. Taking it a step further, Louisa chose a lovely forest green zipper and buttons, while I went bold (and kind of wacky, for me) with a glittery gold zipper and gold buttons.

Check it out:




Thanks to Project Editor Holly Priestley for taking these photos. As you have probably noticed, I cannot take modeling seriously. 

You may have also noticed that the zipper is not completely finished. I failed to employ Louisa's recommended method of zipper installment with blocking wires, which helps keep the knitted fabric from stretching as one bastes on the zipper. Before I can call my Tara Jacket completely finished, I must remove the basted stitches and go back with the blocking wires to reattach the zipper, as well as fix the top part that I had to cut for lack of the right size as the craft store. 

Because I am one who enjoys looking back on my projects and examining what techniques I have learned, here's a quick list:

– Provisional cast-on. I'd never done this before, and though it took me several tries to get the hang of it, Amy's how-to video was essential in helping me to understand it.
– Bias ribbing! I'd never a done a bias rib pattern before, and though not terribly complicated, definitely adds waist definition and interest to this jacket.
Sewing in sleeves. It's a good thing Louisa's desk is so close to mine, because she is a mattress stitch connoisseur, and a very helpful one.
– Tubular bind-off. Again, it took me a few times to get this into my muscle memory, but it's really not difficult and it's a great bind-off for the rib pattern. 

Tara Jacket Knitters-Along, do you have your final projects to show off? If not, where are you at in the process and what have you liked about doing this jacket? What yarns and colors are you using? If you aren’t doing the knit-along but want to knit this jacket, I totally recommend it! It's comfortable and warm and so stretchy. The pattern was a little challenging for me at my skill level, but once again I'm a better knitter because of it. 

Happy knitting!


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