Taking Photographs: How to Use Your Camera Phone

Learn about taking photographs of yarn in our iCan Click course about using your smartphone camera!

Take great photographs with your smartphone!

Do you want to take your photos from drab to fab? We’ve got you covered! Jason Mullett-Bowlsby of Shibaguyz Photography has put together an amazing, in-depth course about taking photographs of your handmade creations—with your smartphone!

It’s always disappointing when you’ve worked really hard on your handknits but you don’t know how to make it look as great in pictures as it does in real life. Maybe the colors aren’t true, or the photo is over or under exposed. Maybe you need to know more about composition and how to make sure your project is the focus of the photo, and there aren’t too many distractions.

You don’t need a fancy camera; this class teaches you how to maximize your smartphone camera. Most of us carry our phones everywhere we go without fully understanding how much we can really do with it. While we often take pictures with all settings on autopilot, learning how to actually use your smartphone camera effectively is a game changer.

In this course, you’ll learn simple techniques to take professional-quality photos of your handmade projects. iCan Click: Professional Quality Photographs of Handmade Items Using Smartphones and Tablets covers:

  • Intro to Smartphone Use
  • Get to Know Your Smartphone Camera
  • How to Manage Light and Other Useful Tools
  • Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style
  • Lightboxes, Swoops,  and Backgrounds
  • Editing Your Photos
  • File Types, Sizing, Storage, and More!

No matter your craft, taking photographs that show your work effectively and truly is essential. If your crafts are your livelihood, this is even more essential; if you make beautiful things but do not photograph them well, people are going to be much less willing to purchase things from you. In this age of buying things online, we purchase with our eyes above all else, so make sure you’re doing your work justice.

Here’s Jason with something fun and easy—a cool way take selfies using your headphones. It’s a great way to take pictures of yourself modeling your knitwear!

Let’s banish the phrase “well, it’s hard to see in this picture” from our vocabularies and learn to showcase our hard work with professional looking photography and style.

Sign up today for iCan Click, and with humor and a wonderful sense of fun, Jason will have you taking photographs expertly in no time!


P.S. What are your photography challenges related to knitwear? Mine is always lighting! Leave a comment below and share your tips or questions.


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