Take a Grafting Class!

grafting1Grafting goes way beyond using Kitchener stitch to close the toes of socks.

Joni Coniglio, senior project editor and grafting expert, helps you master the ins and outs of all sorts of grafting techniques with her video power session, How to Graft, brought to you from Craft University!

You’ll study the anatomy of a knit and purl stitch and explore techniques for grafting stockinette stitch, reverse stockinette stitch, knitted and purled garter stitch, and two-color stripes. (Yes, there is a difference!)

Plus, with this How to Graft knitting power session video tutorial, you’ll discover a brand new way to chart grafting patterns that is both ingenious and easy to use. Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn:

With Joni’s no-nonsense method of teaching and incredible expertise, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been grafting in pattern all along!

Grafting-graphicWhat’s a power session? It’s a quick, online video course!

  • Access your courses anytime, anywhere, with a computer, tablet or smartphone
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You’ll have access to the tutorial for a full 5 days, and be able to ask questions of Joni and your fellow students. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to complete small assignments and have them evaluated by Joni, who can help you fix mistakes, offer suggestions for improvement, and help you perfect your technique.

The power session runs from April 9, 2015 through April 14, 2015, so register for How to Graft today!


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