Sweet Honeycomb Cowl: Fixing an Oopsie

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: READ THE PATTERN BEFORE STARTING THE PROJECT. And I ignored my own advice yet again. (Be better, Kathleen!!)

I’m about halfway through my Sweet Honeycomb Cowl (join the KAL!), and last week I realized that I had been doing one of the important steps wrong. Sigh.

Since this is a honeycomb stitch pattern, the main color needs to be offset with each new color block. In my case, that’s the black.

Designer Joni Coniglio came up with a great solution to avoid the dreaded color jog, and I did half of it correctly. What I was supposed to do is move the marker 4 stitches to the left after row 8, work the chart again and move the marker 4 stitches to the right after row 8. Then to the left, then to the right, and so forth. Here’s what I did instead:

Yeah. Move the marker 4 stitches to the left? No problem! Move it to the right? Problem! I was merrily knitting along and then watched the video of the jogless jog and realized I was missing half of the technique. Doh! It’s clearly there in the pattern.

Somehow, my eye skipped over that second part, and, as you can see, the black yarn moves to the right all the way up the work, until I got my act together and started moving the marker back to the right. You can’t tell on the right side that I messed this up, luckily, but it’s a lesson in reading the pattern carefully. Or at all. Or mindfully. Or not with the TV on.

Are you knitting along with me?



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There are two choices for this pattern, a short cowl and a long cowl, one you can wrap twice around your neck or wear infinity-scarf style.

Download the PDF for the short cowl

Download the PDF for the long cowl

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