Supersize Your Stitches: Quick and Cute Ideas for Size 50s

Learn about chunky knitting and quick and cute ideas for knitting needles size 50s in this exclusive article by knitwear designer Mari Chiba.

Today we have a guest post from knitwear designer Mari Chiba. Mari is an account manager and the design coordinator at Stitchcraft Marketing. Her designs can be seen in the pages of Interweave Knits, Knitscene, The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, and knit.purl. Learn more about Mari’s designs and follow her blog.

You may have seen my arm knit cowl, shown below, featuring BagSmith’s Big Stitch Yarn in the Spring issue of knit.wear this year, in which case you’ll know that I really love giant yarn. Big stitches and chunky knitting are all the rage this year, with giant chunky blankets, hats, and sweaters all over Pinterest in recent months.

Knitting with these giant needles does take a little practice, and can feel a little awkward if you’re like me and most of your knitting is done on needle sizes between 2 and 6. I encourage you to give big knitting a try, with these giant size US 50 knitting needles and a gauge of 3.5 sts to 4”, you can easily knit an afghan in an afternoon.

I like to use circulars when working at this gauge, but you may find straights easier to handle. When working with big straight needles, make sure you’re bracing the ends of the needles on either side of you, on the couch or on pillows, as you can see me demonstrating above. The needles are long, and the weight of them can cause wrist strain if you’re trying to hold the weight of the needles completely. When working with circular needles, I like to rest the weight of the project in my lap. In other words, this isn’t ideal for on-the-go knitting.

Chunky knitting isn't really for on-the-go knitting, but learn how to knit such bulky yarns in your lap!You'll use huge knitting needles in the size 50s to create quick and fun chunky knitting projects.

Need project inspiration? I knit my blanket on a Saturday afternoon with two Big Stitch Bumps; my arm knit cowl used just 1/6th of a bump; I knit this giant toy with one bump, and I’m planning on turning this bump in Pearl into a big squishy pillow.

I hope you’ll try scaling up your chunky knitting this fall! Try out this trend and get some quick holiday knitting done at the same time. You can find all the needles and yarns pictured here from The BagSmith.

Chunky knitting is fun and easy after learning how to use needles in the size 50s.

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