Summer 'Scene

Helium Sweater by Mari Chiba

My desk is awash with new knitting magazines, and they're all full of spring and summer knitting patterns for women. It's so much fun to browse through them and think of warmer weather.

The spring/summer 2014 issue of Knitscene is one of the magazines that I'm enjoying. My favorite design (so far!) is the Helium Sweater by Mari Chiba, shown at right. Mari's love of polka dots inspired this nearly seamless sweater, worked back and forth from the bottom with one giant intarsia polka dot half. Once the intarsia is finished, the body is joined in the round.

The pop of neon pink is just wonderful against the obsidian background. Neon is "in" right now, but I think a little here and there is plenty. I like big color, but not that big! There's the perfect amount of neon in this issue of Knitscene; it's not overwhelming. Like Goldilocks in Baby Bear's chair, it's just right.

Here's Knitscene Editor Amy Palmer to tell you more about this issue:

Indio Cowl by Teresa Gregorio
Stoxa Tank by Bonnie Nurnberger
Xenon Mitts by Annie Watts

Summer Knitting

I would like to confess: I am not a fan of summer. I am baffled by summer. I don't like being hot; I don't like being more than twenty feet away from air conditioning; I am not typically described as outdoorsy. I understand summer appeals to many people, and I can understand their arguments for summer, but give me cold, snowy days and the warm, cozy knits that come with them.

That said, there are great delights to be found in summer. Summer music festivals, for instance, which provided constant inspiration through the evolution of the Lace Amplifed story.

Summer road trips, comprised of otherworldly landscapes and weary travelers pausing late in the night at motels with brightly lit neon signs, were the perfect backdrop for our bold, neon-colored projects. Flourishing plants in fields and along roadsides bring to mind a frequently overlooked yarn fiber, so we gave it center stage in projects that make the most of the unique properties of linen and linen-blend yarns.

Morro Tank by Grace Akhrem

Grace Akhrem, a native Los Angeleno and our featured designer, created a collection of lightweight and breezy pullovers—you'll want to have them knit before summer weather hits your part of the world.

I'm trying to find the silver lining, a happy place in the hot weather. If nothing else, summer knitting projects are typically lighter and make for excellent on-the-go knitting to keep in your lap, under the shade of a large tree.

—Amy Palmer, Knitscene Summer 2014

Amy and I have lots in common, for sure, but a dislike of summer is not one of them! I LOVE summer, but I don't want to rush through spring too quickly; my tulips are just starting to poke their leaves out of the dirt, saying hello to the ever-warmer days. I can't wait to renew my love affair with the sun (and my sunscreen).

Get your summer issue of Knitscene today, and choose some projects to knit for sunny weather.


P.S. What do you knit in the summertime? Do you wear knitted items during the summer? Leave a comment and let us know!

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