Summer of Color: Inspired by Stitch, Sky, and Strand

I just finished a colorwork hat for the Winter issue of Interweave Knits. I live in the South, in a 100-year-old mill house, and I haven't turned on the AC yet … but that alpaca, three-color hat on my lap was a bit much for June knitting. For the last few hours of work, I sat in my favorite blue rocking chair on the front porch, hoping for a good breeze. Whew! It's off the needles, blocked, and on its way to tech editing.

Speaking of colorwork hats, I just got something fun in the mail. Well over a year ago, I designed a Fair isle beret for Mary Jane Mucklestone's upcoming book Fair Isle Style (look for it from Interweave this fall). When the Books department is done with the samples, they return them to the designers . . . so this old friend just came back to me!  

Color knitting has always been one of my knitting loves. Recently, with all my travel to Colorado for photo shoots, and with a few camping trips to fill my weekends, I feel like I've had a lot of color inspiration. Here's a sampling of my world from this past month.

Happy summer knitting,

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