Summer Knitting: It’s all about socks!

On Your Toes Socks by Ann Budd. Get your free sock knitting pattern now!

I'm going to Sock Summit at the end of July, and I can't wait! I just started a new pair of socks with Knitpicks Stroll, and I love them. The design is a simple lace yarnover/knit 2 together pattern, and they're knitting up pretty fast!

Socks are the perfect summer project for so many reasons. One important reason is portability—you can take them anywhere. i recently took my socks to my friend's lake cabin for a Saturday get-away. We had so much fun sitting outside and knitting socks!

Another reason for knitting sock in the summer is that sock yarn is lightweight, so you're not holding bulky wool yarn when it's 85 degrees out.Sock are also small, of course, so you don't have a heavy sweater in your lap, either!

My favorite reason is that I'll have several pairs of socks knitted when fall comes and I need to start wearing them. 

I think we have a great pattern to get you started knitting socks for summer. It's the On-Your-Toes toe-up sock pattern by Ann Budd. This pattern is a great one for your first pair of toe-up socks, and it's also a showcase knitting pattern for handspun, variegated, or handpainted yarn because there's no heavy lace or cable pattern that will be obscured by the yarn color, just ribbing that'll both make the sock stretchy and help it keep it's shape.

Try the On-Your-Toes sock pattern for free! It's part of our free eBook, 7 Free Sock Knitting Patterns

I'll be posting free sock patterns for you all summer, so stay tuned for sock knitting fun! 


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