Yes, You CAN Wear Knit Hats in the Summer!

Are you a hat person? In my experience, there are two kinds of people: folks who love hats and wear them every chance they get, and folks who hate hats and only wear them when absolutely necessary. I’m a hat person, although for a long time I would only wear hats when it was cold out. Every fall I would gleefully break out my beanies, and then every summer I would sadly put them away for a few months because I thought it was too warm for knit hats.

Then I started working at Interweave and discovered a whole world of summer hats! Turns out knit hats aren’t just for winter, as long as you keep the yarns lightweight and the pattern lacy. If you’re a hat person like me, check out this list of my favorite summer hats to knit and wear this season.

Photo by Harper Point Photography

1. Sara’s Cabled Hat

When I think of summer hats, Sara’s Cabled Hat from knitscene Summer 2017 is the first thing that springs to mind! It has cables, but it also has lots of lace, which keeps it light and airy and perfect for summer wear. Plus, the cotton yarn is wonderfully breathable, so your head will stay cool no matter how hot it is outside!


Photo by Harper Point Photography

2. Phyllotaxis Hat

In the lovely Phyllotaxis Hat from Interweave Knits Summer 2015, and open lace leaf pattern is paired with a slouchy shape for the ultimate summer hat. The lace lets the breeze flow through, the cashmere yarn is beautifully soft and light, and the slouchy style means you can wear this hat off your forehead for a stylish look that won’t overheat you.


Photo by Harper Point Photography

3. Calamus Hat

Inspired by the layers of feathers found on birds’ wings, the Calamus Hat from knitscene Accessories 2014 is just the hat you need this summer. The geometric motifs on this lacy piece are striking, and the soft and springy yarn keeps the hat light.

Photo by Harper Point Photography

4. Linocut Beret

By now, I’m sure you’re sensing a pattern in this list: lace + lightweight yarn = summer hat! The Linocut Beret from Interweave Knits Accessories 2011 features a stunning lace pattern that pops in a light, summery color. Plus, the slouchy fit is super trendy and super cooling.

Photo by George Boe

5. Leaf & Seed Hat

The Leaf & Seed Hat, knit in Aran-weight yarn, bucks our lightweight yarn patern, but the open and lacy leaf pattern is just so perfect for summer. Paired with seed stitch, these classic leaf motifs from Love of Knitting Fall 2016 remind me of long summer days spent in the park under a big shady tree. The white yarn makes the motifs pop AND keeps your head cool: it’s a win-win!

I hope this list has inspired you to make yourself a summer knit hat! Whether you throw it on before brunch with friends, pull it on after a long flight has wreaked havoc on your hair, or use it to hide your unwashed tresses on a camping trip, a versatile knit hat is a must for summer. Let us know what hat you knit in the comments!

Happy hat knitting!

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