Summer is coming in the form of a new Knitscene!

The Windsor Cardi
Strafford Tee
Loon Island Shawl
Lodi Cardigan
Heliosphere Tank

A note from Kathleen: Knitscene is such a treat. It shows up four times a year now, and each issue is packed with fun, youthful, fashion-forward knitting patterns, plus bunches of tips and techniques to enhance your knitting skills.

I just had a peek at the summer issue, and it's full of terrific warm-weather designs. My favorite is Amy Christoffers' Windsor Cardi, shown at right. I just happen to have sweater-quantity of Rowan Wool Cotton, which is what Amy used in the pattern. It's one of my favorite warm-weather yarns, I've used it three times in my knitting life, and I still love it.

Here's Knitscene editor Lisa Shroyer to tell you more about this new issue!

Summer knitting. That phrase is packed with ideas for me, none of which include pale, semi-lacey things whose only value is in their supposed relevance to the season. This is summer! It is a dynamic time of year, characterized by long days, sun-lit activities, and wild color.

We travel, we find time to relax, we spend time in air-conditioning and along the rims of volcanoes.

Knitting fits so well into summertime—it's easy to pack; it makes plane and car rides fly by; it fills the idle hours waiting on a picnic blanket for fireworks; it's the very relaxation we seek. Beyond its compatibility with actual knitting, summertime is great for wearing handknits.

Accessorize a strapless maxi dress with a silk shawl (Loon Island Shawl), throw on a cotton/wool cardi (Lodi Cardigan) at the office or in class, rock a slinky racerback tank (Heliosphere Tank) at an outdoor festival or evening concert.

Summer knits don't need to stand shyly by while fall knitting looms like the year's main event. You knit all the time. Why would summer be any different?

Color is really important in this issue. Even in the subtle palette of Amy Christoffers' collection, something fresh is happening with color-a strong rust thrown against palest gray blue and grass green, a scarf that uses garter stitch to break up stripes of more vibrant hues.

In "The Freedom of the Sun," I looked to sunset colors and earthy shades to fit the feel of the story-like dust on a leather boot, a smear of smoky eye shadow, the sultry straggle of windblown hair. Brights run throughout the issue, homage to summer's bold hues.

Construction, too, is a good focus for summer knitting. How can you be efficient with your stitches; how can built-in methods shape and finish a project? Work mitered corners three ways with Melissa Goodale and learn how to use these techniques to make seamless sweater edgings. Stephen West shows us how the humble garter stitch can be bent, built upon, and curved for cool design effects.

I hope summer's a glorious season for you and your knitting. Maybe I'll see you, one blanket over, knitting on the beach. I hope so. Those hot days are right around the corner.

Enjoy the preview of the new issue! Look for it on newsstands on April 16th.


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