10 Summer Accessories to Knit This Season

Summer may not be the ideal time to knit a sweater, but that doesn’t mean we should stop knitting! This is the perfect time to use up leftover sweater skeins and impulse-buy yarn with some fast lightweight summer accessory knitting!

summer accessories to knit

1. Sangaku Shawl by Melanie Berg

From the pages of knit.wear Fall/Winter 2016 comes the beautiful Sangaku Shawl, which was inspired by Sangaku, the colorful wooden tablets illustrating math problems that were placed as offerings in Shinto shrines in Japan. This season-spanning, easy colorwork shawl is sure to become one of your favorite accessories.

summer accessories to knit

2. Puget Tote by illitilli

Talk about spicing up your summer with some interesting knitting! The Puget Tote from knit.wear Spring/Summer 2018 is a knitter’s best friend. Finally, a bag I’d love to knit to carry around my other knitting projects. Goodbye, off-brand plastic storage bags! The Puget Tote has a closure, a perfectly sized pocket for my phone and knitting notions, and a great lining that makes it utterly practical.

3. Firehouse Alley Cowl by Bonnie Sennott

I loved every part of knitting this cowl. From the beautiful but effortless lace pattern to the fun experience of learning to graft, it was a delight from start to finish, and I suggest this pattern to anyone who listens. It’s a great, easygoing summer project that is perfect for travel and sure to de-stress you. I just love how it turned out!

4. Ibex Valley Mittens by Cheryl Toy

My obsession with these mittens started with the submission—a small but stunning cuff with a great colorwork pattern and an exciting pop of red in the lining—and I’ve been in love ever since. These mittens are a great summer project because they’re small but still intriguing to knit.

These mittens are also available in a kit!

5. All Who Wander Cowl by Kyle Kunnecke

Interweave Knits Fall 2017 is one of my favorite issues. It’s full of luxurious knits in gorgeous, wearable colors, but even in such distinguished company this cowl really stands out. It pays homage to 18th-century American embroidery samplers with motifs inspired by the National Museum of American History and features a quote from J. R. R. Tolkien: “Not all those who wander are lost.”

6. Bandelier Socks by Lisa Shroyer

You can knit socks all year round, but they are great to knit in the summer (especially if you’re into hiking or leaving your windows open in the evenings). Check out Meghan Babin’s experience knitting these babies!

7. Santa Cruz Wrap by Kephren Pritchett

This wrap is a great project that you can knit and wear in the summer! The lace pattern is beautiful and would look great in any color.

8. Logan Mitts by Rachel Leggett

These mitts are one of my current summer knitting projects, and they’re a blast to knit. (Bonus: I’m knitting them with a remnant skein from a cowl I made for Christmas!) They’re knitting up so fast that I’m hoping to use them on some camping trips in the mountains this summer.

9. Whitehorn Shawl by Vanessa Ewing

Inspired by the Southwest and made for spring and summer, the Whitehorn Shawl will add some intrigue to your knitting queue and a unique piece to your wardrobe. I think I finally need to learn how to knit colorwork, seeing as almost all of my dream summer projects use it.

10. Winona Poncho by Mone Dräger

I know, a poncho may not fall under the accessories category for all of you, but this one is so great! It’s an ideal summer layering piece that you can take through all of the chillier seasons. Just try to think of it as a really big scarf?

What are you excited to knit this summer? Let us know in the comments!


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