We Are All Students: Learn to Knit on Your Own Terms

We all learn differently. Some of us are visual learners: we learn better when we see something demonstrated. Others are auditory learners, and things click when we hear something explained. If you are a visual learner, you appreciate diagrams, photos, and charts. If you are an auditory learner, you might find yourself reading instructions aloud, or prefer taking a class. Really, most of us are a bit of both. Whatever your learning style – you want to learn to knit, and we have your covered. Below are several hot topics that have both books and online video courses from some of our favorite knit designers.

learn to knit

Captivated by Colorwork?

Let Kyle Kunnecke teach you all about stranded knitting. We love his unique approach to colorwork in his book Urban Knit Collection. His Town Square hats, D’Amour wrap, and Savoy cardigan are absolute jaw-droppers. However, they’re not for the faint of heart. If you’re not quite ready to knit full-on stranded epics his course Introduction to Stranded Knitting is a great way to learn the basics along with a little technique called Armenian knitting, where you lock your yarn floats (nothing to snag on the back of your fabric!) Fearless Steeking takes the freak out of steeks, while Modern Colorwork Cowls teaches you how to design your own colorful cowl patterns.

learn to knit

Beguiled by Brioche?

Faina Goberstein loves brioche, and you can catch her enthusiasm in her 2 courses Basic Brioche & Beyond and Bold Brioche Cables. For those of you wanting a lot of beautiful brioche patterns, you can’t go wrong with Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark’s Brioche Chic. This collection of 22 garments and accessories features both basic and advanced level brioche projects with a lot of detailed how-to information. Visual learners will appreciate the highly detailed step-by-step illustrations.

learn to knit

Want to Get Technical?

Kate Atherley is the author of several books and courses, and is well known for her expertise in writing and understanding knitting patterns. Thinking about designing and writing your own patterns? Look no further than her powerhouse book and course combo! Pattern Writing for Knitters gives you lots of concrete example of dos and don’ts, while The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns shows you everything from test knitting, to final publication.

Stay the course, knitters!

Allison & Kerry

About the writers of this here blog: Kerry and Allison work on the book and video sides of things at IW, but are good friends nonetheless. Kerry knits a lot faster, while Allison bakes way too many cakes.

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