Stitch a Rainbow of Friends and Color: The Well-Made Life

Hello yarn fiends!

I am in the midst of a travel spurt and feeling so energized. On all those airplanes and shuttles, I’ve been knitting away on this crazy art sweater with yarns from my stash—I started it a week ago! I feel like it reflects the colorful and unexpected nature of travel and adventure …


Including my time this past weekend at The National NeedleArts Association trade show in Columbus, Ohio. I got to see the coolest in new yarns for fall, met with designers, talked over Jeni’s ice cream with old friends and colleagues and yarn dreamers. Our knitting and crochet community is so rich; populated with so many fascinating people. I miss their faces already.

We make real friends in this community. Maybe you’ve made such friends at your local yarn shop, in your guild, in your church stitching group. Or you’ve made them online in the vibrant forums and social sites that serve our crafts. Those of us in the industry make friends at trade shows, through collaborations and emails and phone calls and events through the years. In this way, we are one big party of makers on this earth; connected and enriched by each other in so many ways. You and I may have not met (yet!), but if we see each other in public knitting one day, that special nod we’ll give each other says it all—“ah, one of my people.”

Here at Interweave and F+W, we’re running an incredible sale for Friends & Family right now—through Sunday, you can take 40% off tons of products in our store. I’d like to extend this invitation to you, my yarn friends near and far. You can start in the Knitting Daily Shop, and while you’re there check out other craft categories you might be interested in, such as beading, crochet, quilting, spinning, and more. Use code FFSUMMER40 at checkout.

I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and stitches into Interweave books and magazines and videos in my time with the company. I love these products; I love the people who have made a life’s work of educating us and creating with yarn. Take this chance to dig into the wealth of ideas we have curated together and get some sweet deals.

Forward this email to your yarn friends online and in real life, and let’s all support each other in this big adventure.


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