Staff Stories: How Did You Learn to Knit?

Our Content Strategist for the knitting and crochet communities, Lisa Shroyer, has thrown down with yet another of her lists. This time around, she examines common insecurities among knitters. There is a running theme to this piece, and it has a lot to do with not knowing enough about the craft.

But, every knitter was a beginner at one point, right? Even Lisa herself, born into a “knitting legacy”, still had to learn to knit. It’s like a lot of things in life: maybe you will never “master” the activity, but if you continue to try and experience those small victories, the journey becomes worthwhile.

Lobbing a question at the Interweave staff like, How did you learn to knit?, brings a variety of results. In fact there are so many great backstories about becoming a knitter, we feel bound to present the answers to you in multiple parts. One blog post will not do, let’s just say.

We’re kicking it off with a focus on learning with family. We hope these knitting memories bring your own beginner experience to mind. While we’re at it – how did you learn to knit? Tell us in the comments!

A Family Legacy

My mom* taught me to knit when I was young; she thinks I was eight years old. I have very few memories of the learning process, but I do remember long trailing pieces of knitting that I just kept knitting on–in crazy colors, with ends everywhere, an ever-changing stitch count, and no end in mind. I wasn’t making anything, I was just making. And then suddenly I was 13 and making sweaters. I don’t understand it; I think I blacked out during puberty.

learn to knit

Lisa is a rather fast knitter, but she will be the first to remind you that speed doesn’t matter.

*My mom is an accomplished knitter; she learned from her mother, who was also a great knitter. Knitting is our “family jewels”–or family purls, you might say. SORRY.

– Lisa Shroyer
Content Strategist, Yarn

learn to knit

Louisa shows off her knitting prowess during knit night.

My mom taught me to knit when I was a kid. I fell out of the habit until college when my best friend re-taught me, and I’ve loved it ever since. I like skills that are passed down generationally, and I’m grateful that my mom took the time with me, even though it took me a hot second to really love knitting!

– Louisa Demmitt
Interweave Instructional Design

Family Learning Together

My mom learned to knit first. She took a class and made mittens and being an overly-confident third grader I thought it looked pretty easy! I begged her to sign me up for a class and she did. She came along to give me some extra help. After a couple weeks of quality time in our local yarn shop I had my first pair of mittens!

Although a knitter first, Sara fell in love with crochet enough to consider
this beach run with Lisa a “head-to-head” competition!

Soon after that, I learned to crochet and that became my favorite (no dropped stitches, easy to rip back, the ability to join your yarn anywhere and just start stitching–way more freedom and less stress for a kid), but knitting mittens was what got me hooked initially. I’ve had yarn in my hands ever since!

– Sara Dudek
Editor, Interweave Crochet

Some of our favorite knit designers also learned to knit from family members.

Read about those experiences here, and don’t forget to leave a comment about how you learned to knit!

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