Our Favorite Interweave Yarn Hacks

This week, we’re reflecting back on our favorite Yarn Hacks. Lindsay, Louisa, and Hannah make up the Yarn Hacks Team, and they share their favorites, and why they love them, below.

Louisa’s Favorite Yarn Hack
Blocking with a Salad Spinner

Before I started working for Interweave I don’t think I blocked a single knitted thing. I didn’t understand why it was necessary, and many a creation would have had better drape, fit, and feel had I known about blocking. Once I started here, and learned about the magic that happens when things are blocked, my knitting life was forever changed for the better.

In this vein, my favorite Yarn Hack to date is the salad spinner blocking video. I like when I have things that can serve multiple purposes, and while I don’t use my salad spinner all that much for greens, I use it a fair amount for wringing out my knitting.

Quick, easy, handy, and fun!

favorite yarn hacks

Lindsay’s Favorite Yarn Hack
One-Ball Colorwork

The Maya Hat and Mittens project has everything I love in one place: polka dots, colorwork, soft and squishy gradient yarn, and a jewel tone colorway. Plus, you can get two projects out of one ball of yarn. How’s that for a cute, handmade, and cost-effective gift?

I love how this Yarn Hack came together with energetic music, a fun calculator font, and a useful technique to boot. This trick also works great for sock knitting: create two equal balls from your skein so your socks are equal. For self-striping or gradient yarns, match up the colors so your socks are “identical twins” or mix it up for “fraternal twins!”

favorite yarn hacks


Hannah’s Favorite Yarn Hack
Invisible Yarn Join

No one likes weaving in ends. You might find it tolerable and not necessarily annoying, but I don’t know a single knitter who enjoys doing it. You’ve got a finished project to wear, dangit, and this is just a tedious delay!

I love this Hack because since we filmed it, I’ve been using this trick religiously. Though it often takes a few tries to make it perfect, it’s seriously foolproof and will absolutely not show up in your knitting or come undone. I like that you can do it as you are knitting and get to the end of the skein, rather than saving it all for the end like weaving in tails.

What’s your favorite Interweave Yarn Hack? What trick have you tried since you first saw it in a Hacks video? What’s a Hack you haven’t seen yet that you’d like us to create?

Happy Hacking!

Lindsay, Louisa, and Hannah

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