Shift Some Color Back into Your Spring Knitting with Gradient Style!

Gradient, blend, mix, ombre, or shift—no matter how you say it, when it comes to the color-changing knitting you crave, Gradient Style has you covered as you start planning your spring knits.

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Ready to get a peek at what all the buzz is about? Take a look at what your fellow knitters on Ravelry are swooning over, and get ready for your spring-knitting queue to get a lot more colorful!

Seed-Stitch Pullover

Big, chunky textures are kind of having a moment in the knitting world this winter, but that doesn’t mean this trend is strictly for colder weather. The flowy A-line silhouette, boat neckline, and cropped sleeves of the gradient Seed-Stitch Pullover (shown below left) makes it a perfect transitional spring piece that will bring some color back into your wardrobe without sacrificing the texture.

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Denim Stripes Cardigan

Denim is yet another trend to pop up in the knitting world. The subtle changing tones in the striping of the Denim Stripes Cardigan (shown above right) are reminiscent of the gradient fading that happens in well-worn jeans.

Shape Shifter Scarf

If you’re looking for a bold-statement knit to show off those gradient yarns (affiliate link) in your stash, look no further than the Shape Shifter Shawl (shown below left). Its simple yet graphic design makes it the perfect canvas for you to experiment with color.

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Flame Lace Shawl

An instant crowd-favorite knit, the Flame Lace Shawl (shown above right) is an absolutely show-stopping gradient knit. It’s no wonder the knitters of Ravelry can’t get enough of it!

So, what are you waiting for?! There’s a whole spectrum of possibilities waiting for you within Gradient Style.

Happy gradient knitting!


Give your needles the color they’ve been craving for spring!

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