3 Ways to Freshen up Your Spring Home Décor

It is officially spring! Not that that makes a lot of difference if you’re in Colorado; it won’t truly feel like spring here until May or June. However, spring is currently in the air, so I’m not going to think about any potential snow, and focus instead on my favorite spring activity: spring cleaning. Spring cleaning, a task that reflects the spirit of the season itself, is an opportunity to make your home feel fresh and new after everything has turned stale during winter. And after you have cleaned and out some junk is the perfect time to then give your home a little facelift. Incorporating even just a few small fresh items into your home seems to breathe new life into it. Here are some quick ways to incorporate some knitted home décor into your living space!

1. Knitted Pillows in Two Colors

A living space facelift doesn’t have to cost a lot or be a lot; you can bring freshness with just a dash of newness. Knit a couple of pillows in chunky weight yarn, each in a different color that goes with your already established décor. It won’t take you long and it’ll be just the touch for a quick makeover.

Try the Rhodesian and Polar Morn Pillows for a fresh-looking sitting area!

2. Get a Light Fix

Freshen up those lights by adding some bohemian-style paper lantern covers! You can find paper lanterns at most home stores, or at Walmart or Target, for fairly inexpensive. Use this pattern and dress them up a little bit—make them a little more younique.

3. Drape your hand-knitted blankets

Blankets are handy to keep around for spring since the nights can still get rather cold. They are also a lovely feature, even if they get no use for a season. There are some beautiful knitted blanket patterns out there; incorporate some bright, spring colors into your favorite pattern and show it off in a prominent place, like over the back of a couch or a chair.

It’s a toss up – the Dots Blanket or the Zagtarsia Blanket. Which one will you knit this spring? 

Happy spring cleaning and knitting!

Knitting home décor, one signature piece at a time.

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